Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Wandering

Ever since Mark Whitwell's workshop I've become too lazy to go to yoga, or have been using his philosophy "yoga is not about asana, but it's breath, bandha, pranayama" to cut back on hard, power classes, and opting for easy, simple, no sweat hatha style instead. Today, I opted to join Jason Birch's class on Kriya/ Pranayama, and then decided to go a-wandering in town rather than regular class at Pure. A rarity indeed, especially considering the hazy outside. Of course the 30% borders coupon today did play it's part in making that decision, in fact, I contemplated seriously to buy a few more copies of the ST so I could get a few more coupons. My cookbook craving is back - I've added to my collection (and to a struggling to stand, bursting at it's sagging shelves bookshelf) 3 more cookbooks. And another 3 more in the wish basket via acmamall's 25% cookbook promo this month. Not that I'm ever going to use most of them, they are just pretty to look at and to collect. I've a few books here in the shelves I haven't experimented with yet. In keeping with my yoga practice, I attempt to be vegetarian most times but find myself struggling quite a bit lately. As with most things in my life, impulse is a large player, waning and waxing through various cycles.

Spent time at the Action Hair spa thanks to a citibank voucher which entitled me to a cheaper rate for their Hair Spa. Hair spa is an indulgence - have only ever tried it twice before, both experiences very heavenly and satisfying, but at some $150 per visit, an indulgence I can ill afford, giving consideration how many yoga classes and cookbooks it can buy. Whilst I was rather reluctant (and still at this point till now, wondered if I should have) to spend $100 for a hair treatment, it was a lovely experience. I had forgotten how nice it was, to sit in a private lounge in a sofa, relaxation music and getting a scalp massage. The novelty of it, they even put me in an Osim massage chair for 15mins where I nearly dozed off. $100 for 2hrs was time well enjoyed, I was half expecting them to sell me a package, and was quite disappointed when they did not. Ah well, money saved for the future I guess.

Wandered down to - no surprise, the Jap soba place for the $5 tea time dessert. Today, as I contemplated over my red bean and green tea tofu, with Janet Seidel's jazz music playing from my ipod, that life is indeed transient. All that I own or have, will leave me eventually. There's just some music that brings a cynical smile to my face, a little loneliness, and a feeling of emptiness.

Now, who will be the final Survivor - Bis, Holly or Slick? Or could it be the much battered Codie??

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cows more zen than doggies said...

Me thinks slick will be the sole survivor!!He will call himself an ultimate collectable beanie and someone will pay tonnes for him and keep him in prestine condition (of which he is far from now)!

Wah!! you sound like you have such a lonely tea... ice cream and Ipod.. wha about your yoga cronies?...and erm..whats the point of hoarding all these books and thingys when you dun ever use em?. the book shelf is almost at its last days... straining from the effort... it dying!! there's even a book on doggie baehaviour that you haven't even opened yet!...maybe thats why your doggies are all stir crazy!!

erm.. is there a zen for doggies?... mayeb you should ask your guru... biz needs it!