Monday, October 23, 2006

She Drives me Crazy III

She drives me crazy
Like No one else
She drives me crazy...

Oh yeah, this is the song my poor konfusedconcow is probably singing these days. A mad cow being driven crazy will be a mad mad cow. I think he rather wish he'd be run over by a car, perhaps definitely less painful. Oww his aching head. Maybe there's something about the fengshui in my house that makes the females who live in there pain in the necks, butts and all unmentionable regions. Dunno about mom though.

I'm a bad mommy, gotta admit it. Even though I've got short haired dogs that only need 10mins of grooming weekly, I'm too lazy to even give them a weekly bath sometimes. Haven't clipped their nails in over 4 weeks, and haven't cleaned their ears in like....6 months. Haven't brushed Bis' coat in over a year I think. C was aghast. I think he was on the verge of calling SPCA, probably Slick would too, but his secret motive would be to get rid of Bis and Holly for good. Ok ok just for the record both dogs were nicely groomed last night, so officially they are now handsome/ pretty again. This just affirms I'm not having kids - I'll probably leave them in their diapers for weeks before I change them. Unless my dogs wanna lick their butts clean....EEeeeuuuuww.

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Anonymous said...

You never bathe your dogs weekly!?!! Eeeuuuggggh ... and you let them climb onto your bed and all?! Eeeeuuugggh.