Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tired Ramblings x2

My first weekend break in ....dunno when. I'm so tired. And sick. Well sick was a result of being tired from overwork, not enough rest, and shuttling between Japan, Singapore, a funeral, more work and going to school. Spending a weekend being sick sucks. Well at least snort is not leaking out from my nose yet, that would be the extreme. Lucky for me I got extensions to both school assignments, phew. But I don't know how long I can push my luck, since that means I'll be studying and doing assignments week before, during, and after CNY. aieee. But thank god for small favours, so we'll cross the bridge when we come to it. Hmm, being more like my dudeCoolCow.

Rented another new chinese drama. 20 eps. Whoops looks like I'll be glued to the couch awhile. But hey, I do need a break from those 13hr workdays. On top of having to entertain my dogs, someone's gotta entertain me right? Slick doesn't count. Think he poisoned both myself and Con since we both got sick nearly the same time. Evil-doer.

Speaking of sick, my bank account looks very sickly. All thanks to an impulse 1 day (or 2 day) shopping madness last Dec before I realised I am minus 13 month bonus. How the heck did I spend so much $$$?? On what?? Arrrghhh.

Poor Sick Moo Omm.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tired Ramblings

Between Japan trips, OTs, classes at school and up and coming due assignments not yet completed and on the verge of getting penalized... I am so tired. Things all seem to bunch together at the same time. Yuck. That's when we all wish we had more than 24hrs a day.

We cremated grandma today. Mandai Columbarium is frankly quite nice and high tech looking. I suppose, by the time it gets to my turn to kick the buckiet, I might not have that many relatives to send me off. Families are getting smaller these days. Slick might still be around though, but sure can't trust him to take care of arrangements. He'll probably abscond with the $$ instead.

Sleepless in Tokyo

Japan, nice country. Office building, nice. Food, nice. Working hours, not so nice. We were literally working 12 hrs, 9am to 7pm, take a 2hr dinner break then back to hotel for more work in the hotel room. Hardly ventured more than 400m from the hotel to find food. No time for shopping. No time for scoping out cute guys. I'm exhausted. Coming back from Japan only to start classes immediately. Accounting and Finance. Yechh. I have an immense dislike for the latter. The Japan trip took a lot out of us, even my caffeine intake was chugging at a rate of double shots everyday. That's more caffeine in a week than an my usual average of 1 cuppa per week. But did I mention that Jap babes are like....super kawai??? Man, Jap girls are sure pretty. And they dress well. Made me look like an oversized bah-zang given my bulky sweaters and overcoat. Even their boots, wowowowowow. I cannot imagine how their hairdos look all so perfect, I'm sure they all spend at least an hr styling and curling it every morning.

Returned to SG on Fri 1am, only to land at the same time as Korean superstar Rain. All these yelling, hysterical, sobbing fans at the airport greeting him. Gave the rest of us travellers a shock. Not that good looking what. But folks says he's got killer abs. Hmmm. What does one exactly do with killer abs? Personally I find them useful only if we can kill a cockroach with it. Gives a new meaning to the phrase ab crunch. Ha ha ha.

Monday, January 15, 2007


First trip to Japan in 6yrs. Wow, it's been awhile but Japan is still Japan, it's a great place to be, everything clean, everything cosmopolitan, everything super duper uber efficient. You think Singapore Changi is efficient? Wait until you get to Tokyo-Narita. Time out from plane to immigration = 10 mins. Time in immigration queue with 30 pple in front of you, before you reach the counter = 5 mins. Time at counter = 3 mins. Luggage was ready at the belt by the time I exit the counter, and time out to arrival area past customs = 2 mins. Limobus counter exactly at the arrival hall doors, and bus stop exactly outside the doors. Things just can't get anymore efficient than that. Except for a bus ride that took longer than usual due to congestion, yes this is city and country famous for it's efficiency. Anal with capital A. My kind of city.

Haven't any time to go shopping yet. Whoa the office building is....a whole office building owned by the company. The office and meeting rooms look like GV gold class lounges; makes our dumpy Singapore office look even dumpier. At lunch hour we saw many people walking their dogs, dogs here have stunning coats, all lush and smooth and shiny you just want to wrap your hands around the fur and rub your face in it like a soft toy. Dogs are also well behaved here, they walk nicely next to their owners. Umm, makes the Bis and Holly look like ill behaved brats. Bis would hate Japan now, temperatures range from -1 to 8 deg C. It's much warmer than I thought except when the wind blew. Coolcowdude would have loved this place, loved the weather and loved the foot. I haven't gotten around to going to a sushi bar yet though.

The one snag is, my damnable very expensive O2 phone doesn't work here. The idiotic thing doesn't have 3G, owww. I just realised it. Really annoys me since the whole point of paying so much $$$ for a phone is because it's supposed to have everything (even though you might not use every function). This sucks. I want a new hp. And stooopid O2 is now worth only 1/2 the price I paid for it. Sucks sucks.

Ohaiyo cow!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Economics of a wailing cow

I'm exhausted. Having stayed up till 1am last night to research how to write the damnably difficult econs assignment. This one is really though. One cannot BS in econs, and no copious amounts of cow dung will rescue me from this one. Late last night I finally decided to base my assignment on the Starbucks co.; ironically a quick midnite cuppa at the goldhill starbucks did not manage to keep me awake, I went home and was asleep within 30 mins of my caffeine intake. Sigh.

My body hurts and brain juices are pretty tied up. Think I mentioned before if there was ever an assignment on Chinese dramas (or more recently, Korean dramas), I win, hands down. But never goes the way we want. Look at my dude cow - when I was young I wanted the dream man every girl wanted - tall, dark, handsome, rich. Well, now I got tall, dark being subjective since there is the occasional sunburn. Handsome...err, beauty in the eye of beholder. As for rich...sigh...let's just say that one has to be very specific in what they wish for. Rich is bodyweight in not exactly same as rich in wallet. Bwah.

I sit here struggling to do my paper. Suddenly a flashback of the past, where I used to sit at the computer whole day not because I had to write assignments, but because I was engrossed playing computer games. I could go on playing 16 hrs straight (also suppose that's why I have hunched shoulders now, hazard of those days). Oh how I wish I didn't have to work, or do my MBA. My dream vision is spending my day sitting at the computer with all the RPG and Simulation games (I miss Simcity!), then maybe head out for some yoga, then back home for Korean or Chinese drama. Taking pleasure and time to cook and make use of all those beautiful cookbooks I invested in. But alas, life isn't fair and doesn't turn out the way we want. But ok, I have 2 lovely dogs, err, live ones. I also got one very evil slick beanie. I got a toilet humour cow-dude. I also have 3 iPods, several Tods shoes and bags. Ok ok so maybe life ain't THAT bad, but it doesn't mean I can't wish for a dream. To be specific, my dream involves having lots and lots of $$$$ (USD or Sterling, not rupiahs) and being deliriously and genuinely happy.

Is there a GOD out there? Is he listening?

OM wishing cow.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Korean Drama Mamma

Fever is back again. Drama fever. Korean drama to be more precise. Caught 2 eps of the serial My Girl on cable, and wala! - HOOKED. It's so good, so hilarious, so damn funny. I couldn't wait. I had to go to the store to rent so I could get my hands on the rest of the story. But alas all 3 copies were totally rented out. WAILS. I walked in and out of the store for 30mins debating if I should buy the brand new set instead. $30 leh. Hmmm. Finally, as I reached my hands out to grab a box, an auntie next to me exclaimed loudly, "Wah! This one very nice to watch!!! You must buy!!". Ok ok, point taken. Got home and popped 3 discs in, wow. Mom came home and got hooked. Thank god for the long weekend. Of course, the whole point of the long weekend was so I could finish my long overdue econs assignment which I didn't manage to finish the other time. Assignment due on Monday 8th. Drama watching started on Jan 1. 16 eps. Simple math (or rather, drama fever) means --> Assignment 0: Drama 1. Uh oh. Mom even went as far as to skip her nightly activities so she could come home early and watch the drama even before I got home. GRrrrrrrrrrr. One ought to have respect for owner of the vcd set (me). Hello, I should get priority right? Double Grrrrr.

Assignment not started yet. Today is Sat, due on Monday. Double triple Uh Oh. No way to get another extension. Gulp. Still 1 more ep on the drama to go.

Err, dead meat drama cow?