Sunday, April 30, 2006


Spent some 3hrs again trying to fit a cow image onto the blog template and position it correctly. Hopeless at it.

Ungrateful beef sukiyaki even had the gall to comment that the new blog layout is boring, vs the msn one. Duh!! msn is bloggin for idiots. clearly isn't. 6hrs wasted is 6hrs of my life that could have been better spent on other things. All this just so I can make a moo happy. But nooooo...... my efforts ain't appreciated. Think I should stage a cow-protest. Populate his garden with cow-dung or something. :P

Append at 11.10pm: FINALLY!!!! Managed to put the cow in a decent position and move the rest of the paragraph down. Gawdammnthing took me 6 hrs today. Eyes burning. But a small victory. Check out the neat scrolling text at the botton of the page too. Mooooo.....

Saturday, April 29, 2006

One last bit....

Beefpotpie was whining about why he had to vote and who moved his fences. WAHLAU....cow disciples like me never ever had a chance to vote all my life. Wishing that there was some contest in this area but noooooooo....... no hope. Bro mentioned that I should move out to potong pasir or tampines if I so badly want to vote. :P Hey, I mean, all singaporeans should be given a chance to decide who they want to govern their country right??

Speaking of moos, the COW moove signs are back!! They have been spotted on orchard road...and wah, this time...they are SPOTTED cows!! Hinted to C that he should nab one. Heehee. But apparently quite difficult as they have been strongly piked down into the ground, their sponsors knowing that ugly singaporeans will try to steal them for fun. LOL

Grumbling Moos

Was in a pretty grumpy mood today, as this morning had to sacrifice meditation class to go all the way to MOE to be the surety for my bro. I didn't get any b'fast, thinking we could finish at 10am and then all head down for some kaya toast and eggs (which seems to be the de riguer b'fast for my sat mornings). All throughout the journey and our wait at MOE I whined, complained and cussed. That's actually pretty bad behaviour. Wah, I've degenerated to one of those shrews. Damn, this is what lack of food and lack of zen does. Not very zen leh. Or should my mantra now be IAMSHREWWWwwwww......?

Anyway, headed down to killeney kopitiam where bro treated b'fast. After 2 eggs 2 toasts and some thick milo, I'm a much happier camper. Made it in time to the Led class at noon too. Mood improved tremendously.

Uh oh, I had $300 in sookee vouchers expiring today. Bohpian, have to go shopping. Decided to try and buy something for mother's day. Ended up with a nice-ish semi-precious pendant. Nice-ish because, frankly speaking, SK and LH and Goldheart and etc jewellery standards.....are bleh. Poor quality and butt ugly designs. $99 for a diamond pendant? Forget it, I'll buy some good cubic zirconia stuff with that at a costume jewellery store thank you. Not to mention all the hdb aunties and their grandmothers will probably own 101 of these cheap 'diamond' jewellery.

The bright spot however, was the fruit stall outside of the sookee shop in toa payoh...selling DURIANS!!!! Wah...the whiff of the fruit permeated the entire store as I was browsing jewellery. I was hooked. End up with $30 of ang-heh durians. Finished 1 box already, and by jove, this is THE BEST stuff I've had this off-season. Worth my $$. Happy camper again.


After much deliberation I've decided to move my blog here instead, thanks to complaints and whines from both YP and the beef stroganoff about the shitty comments function in msn spaces. is not exactly as friendly for me to use as msn spaces...BECAUSE it's not a theidiotsguidetoblogging like msn is. I have to find a host for my photos, and edit my own template code (wahlaueh, I'm like the ignoramusidiotus when it comes to this). Spent some 3hrs surfing (and suffering!) in cuz thinking I could find a nice skin to use. Yeah sure I found several, but gawd I really have problems editing and changing the codes so make the layout usable for myself. GIVE UP. Back to using the standard templates that blogspot provides. Pengz.

Old blog is here. I look upon it with fondest memories.

However I'm in 2 minds if I want to keep bloggin here or maybe move back to msn spaces. Sianz. Also dunno how to move my previous blog posts here if I ever want to. I don't have any problems publishing comments to their comments in msn, but how come they keep having problems? maybe they are a bad msn customer. Bleh.

Actually I started this blog space at blogspot at the same time I created the one at msn spaces. Just that I decided to stay at msn because of it's easy user functionality (read: spacesforblogidiots). That's why there's one previous post below written eons ago in Feb.