Monday, September 21, 2009

Same thing, Different speak

Me: Is your ice tea home-made?
Waitress: No it's F&N. 
Me: Oh so I don't want, I want something home-made
Waitress: How about Teh-O peng with Lemon?
Me:..... *blink blink* . [pause]. Blank look.
My helpful friend: yup that's the same as Ice lemon tea
Waitress: [nods nods]
Me: Oh! ok!

Might I mention the waitress serving us is a Filipina.

Teh-O ping with Lemon = Ice Lemon Tea. Yeah it's true. Same thing, different speak. But it's quite something to be taught this by a foreigner waitress.  Thumbs up for taking the initiative in good service.

Choices Choices

Veron declares, "I need a red bag!".

Need? or Want? Want or Need? 

And here I am with my own dilemma as well, the classic economic adage - too many wants, insufficient resources. If I only had this much (or this little funds), should I go for a lovely bag (which I want, but do not really need) or should I go for a lovely wallet and a few small accessories (which I also want, but do not really need)?

Choices choices.

But then C would say, "you buy all these and put them in the cupboard???".

Monday, September 07, 2009

Cheap, Old and Good

C: You should really take your birkin out and use it you know. It's gotten very little mileage. In fact I've seen this longchamp bag more than your birkin.
Me: well, cuz this (longchamp) is a cheap bag and it's nylon, it's easy to carry and no worries on abusing, can withstand rain etc etc. If I took birkin out I'd be worrying about stains, weather, crowds etc.
C: So you buy a birkin just to keep at home???!!
Me: ...err...kinda yeah.

Later on.....

C: why aren't you wearing your new Tod's shoes? I haven't seen them since we were back.
Me: oh they are still somewhere in the luggage..
C: So you buy all those Tods and you end up still wearing cheap Crocs??
Me: well yeah, the Crocs are cheap and I don't mind if they get abused. 

Moral of story? The cheap and the old have their uses, and serves more purpose than the new and expensive (but useless?).