Saturday, April 26, 2008

Of boys and toys

Rex is on his way to Russia, probably to be the getaway car of some russian mobster. He's been a good car, serving C faithfully these days, despite the abuse. C was quite coy about the new toy of course. One of the questions I posed was, "so, how many horsies under the hood?". Answer: "Less than 200". Next question, "How many biscuits and hollys is that?". Answer: "depends on if you want to go straight, or forever drive in a curved direction". ouch. Ha ha ha. Obviously bis = go straight, and holly = not very bright. Poor Bis. Very sweet but rather depressed. And Holly, well, very pretty but also very stupid.

Still on the search for Hootie. Never found. Still sad. I miss him. However, there is a recent emergence of the new Mooove flying cows at various patches of roadside. Hmm. The plot thickens.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

In rememberance of Hootie

Hootie. Little red fish with the big innocent eye. Always happy. Always innocent. Never minded that he wasn't in a designer bag like Slick always is in, never minded that he didn't get to go on outings daily like Slick does. But now, gone forever. Perhaps trampled by 1000 careless feet at orchard road. Or perhaps he tired of his second-rated (vs slick) life and decided to break free and run away. I miss his big big happy eyes. I tracked back to all the places I could have possibly lost him, but no sign of Hootie. My heart is broken. There'll never be another Hootie again.

I hope he's at peace wherever he is. Off to a better life. My heartache is so immense I had to buy 2 pairs or new sandals to comfort myself. Oh where Oh where art thou Hootie? I contemplate putting up a MISSING ad with a reward offered. Oh where oh where has my little fish gone? :(

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Black Hole

It's the point of no return for me. I'm so hooked on the latest (yes another new one since Mar 29 update) K-drama Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi I'm watching k-drama all the way through 1.30am everyday. It's a bit like Final Fantasy and LOTR mix. Even on my business trip to BKK for 2 days, I was afraid to let TWSSG go, yes, ol' faithful TWSSG DVD came along with me. Even chose room service rather than go out for meals or even to the spa just so I could watch the DVD on my PC. Ohhh yeah.

The OST is great. Great great great. Just like Jap anime or fantasy. Beautiful Song!!