Monday, May 29, 2006

Back to Yogi and Dog mutterings

Yesterday's yoga class was certainly one of the most fun in a long time. Viv had us focused on hamstring stretches and forward bends, and 2 of the challenges for me were Visvamitrasana and the Kurmasana.

Both requires extremely long and flexible hamstsrings (which to my greatest profound regret, I do not have). Coincidentally Vismamitra was featured in a recent issue of yogajournal and the yogi who demo'd the pose, well, she's just amazingly open in all those hips and hamstrings I could just sigh and lament, face up to reality that my hamstrings will just not open up. Probaby a genetic defect.

Mom cooked curry for dinner. I offered the dogs a teensy bit. Holly the trash compacter as usual didn't even bother to sniff at it, she just jumped and gobbled the potato out of my hands. Bis, who is usually much more picky, actually ate the stuff despite previous experiences knowing he does not like spicy very much. Of course, this morning we had the pleasure of witnessing Bis go, "pooooooot...psssssst....pfk pfk pfk..." as he squatted near some trees downstairs. And oh yeah, it's all the colour of yellow curry. Holly remains nonchalent. Guess there is some benefit to her picking up rubbish during our daily walks, she now has a stomach of steel.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

I love thee as I stab my wicked blade through your burdened heart.
O Happy Dagger! O my love! Forgive me!

Hmm, so in conclusion: 1) things we do for love, or 2) things we do out of jealousy, or 3) things we do to save the world, or 4) things we do in a possible suicide pact. Hmm, on point 4, can claim insanity afterwards or not?

C and I watched X-Men III this evening, and well, the ending was quite an impression (on me anyway). Here are my post-movie random thoughts: One, I would not mind having a little of Prof X's or Jean's telepathic powers. Cuz that means I can use it to communicate with the bis and holly. No longer will I return home to a messy balcony and have to yell in frustration, "WHO DID THIS?!!" and to be met with stony doggy silence. I could simply read their doggie minds and go "AHA!" and then give the guilty party a knowing look. Heehee. Two, I wouldn't have to physically mop the balcony myself, I could simply will the mop to do the cleaning job without me lifting my butt off my bed. Wahahaha. Three, C would not be able to cheat when we're playing games, because I WILL KNOW. FWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Ok ok, if I can't get any tele-powers I suppose the next best thing is to be a female version of wolverine. Those blades will sure come in useful when slicing up meat for the doggies. But alamak, that hairy chest sure is a problem. Err, think I'll just stick back to plan A instead.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Atomic Karma

Me and technology ain't having good karma this year. While trying to install a new ROM patch for ATOM, the darn thing hung like 3x, froze just as much and then best of all, the camera no longer works (this patch is supposed to fix the camera, not kill it!). O2 support is well known in this region for it's suckiness factor and supremely poor customer service. Shucks, should have just heeded my internal instincts and purchased reliable SE or Nokia phones instead. Pissed Moo.

The Great Divide

Firstly I have to lament once again my star-crossed fate with bus 502. I try my damnest to catch the 8.44am bus, and maybe 3/5 days I arrive at the bus stop at 8.45am only to see the dust trail of the 502 that just left. 2/5 days when I arrive at the bus stop at 8.35am the blardy bus is actually late at 8.50am. Either way I don't get to work as on time a I want. Curses.

As usual today I get to the bus stop only to see the smoke from the exhaust pipe. Aiyah. Another 16 mins wait for the next one. Hmmm, I've pangs for a hash brown. Wonder if I could make it on time if I were to cross over to Shaw and grab a hash and then dash to the bus stop? What if the bus came early and that means I'll have to spend $9 on a cab to get to work. It's like a cow stuck at the crossroads and wondering which way to go.

On the bus and sans hashbrown, I was reading my latest rental whodunnitthriller trashy novel. I'm pretty sure trashy novels are written by women with unfulfilled sexual fantasies. 6 pages just to describe a romp in the sack?? The guy is usually some broadchested hunk with a great bod, seething with 'raw masculinity' (I roll my cow eyes upward), and of course, all of them men are masterful lovers who make the women's thighs quiver like jelly (who writes these thing these days anyway??!) and all the other unmentionables. Now, compare it with the men who write thriller novels. Intimate scenes are anything between 3 lines to 3 paragraphs. Whambamthankyoumam. Now that's what I call a quickdraw. Thank god I've come a loooooong way since those days of reading uber trashy novels with Fabio on the cover with some bimbo en deshabille. Heaving bosoms, pulsating pecs and throbbing manly parts (I'm choking on my coffee even as I type). Poor poor deprived authors. Then again, there's nothing sexy about a cow standing there getting her udders squeezed and milked by strange men as the world waits for their daily ration of milk butter and cheese. It's all business.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Aunty Life

As I reclined at the basin of the hair salon getting my hair washed and scalp massaged, I let myself drift off in total relaxation for those 5 mins. Ahhhhh it felt so good to just lie down and do nothing, while little labourers tend to those tasks that I normally would have to do myself (of course I also save some 75 bucks!). But wah, it's been too long since I've gone to a salon and too easily forgotten what a good scalp massage is like. The stylist tending to me is definitely gay, because he's damn good with his hands and very gentle. Hardly felt anything as he snipped my hair. Hardly even heard the snip. What I like best about this salon is that they do not hard sell anything. They thank me for coming, give me a name card and wave, "See you next time!". Think most of the stylists in there are gay. As I sat there for that 1 hr getting my hair done and reading fashion magazines, it's remniscent of my past life where I could easily spend a day at the spa, shopping at boutiques, doing my hair and living the materialistic life. Until yoga predominantly took over....these days my pretty clothes are pretty mouldy in the closet, and I just hang out with my freebie C&E bag (very aunty one!), yoga mat and yoga top and shorts. That's about it. Pretty unglam, and enough of a deterrant for me to step into any high end stores since I'll be getting the snob treatment in my attire. But the good news is, I am spending less. Umm, until the next Tods sale. Akan datang.

As a side note to myself, think I'm becoming more and more aunty these days. Very unglam in my dressing, and even becoming more and more shrewish. Wah, terrible. Some more even resort to bargaining at the wet market and with durian sellers. Die lah. Aunty Moo?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Smooth Operator

So I was rubbing the soles of my feet against beef yakitori's when he asked me why I was doing that. Well cuz it was a nice foot massage (for me, hahah). In response he told me my feet had a lot of calluses. But of course! Whose adult feet doesn't have any? Well apparently not my dear C. He says his feet as smooth as a baby's. I was incredulous. No way. Until I felt the bottom of his foot.

Not fair!!! His feet IS indeed as smooth as a baby's. How the heck is this possible when he's a big guy mucking around worksites, spending all his time in boots and thick shoes, while me on the other hand religiously moisturize my feet every night, and top that up with a monthly pedicure. All the monies I invested and not even a scant fraction as smooth as C's. There is no justice in this world. Haizz. Apparently according to him, all that time spent wearing socks helps, cuz it protects the feet, while women totter around in ridiculous shoes with poor padding. Bleh.

Now when it comes to shoes, it's just birkies and Tod's for me these days. Comfort above all else. Err, of course this is the roundabout way of justifying my visit to the Tod's store today. Weekend charity sale mah. For CHARITY. See? Anyway I had great discipline and did not succumb to temptation today. I shall just wait for the June sale when discounts are bigger. (Oops, think I just gave away my gameplan). :P

Just a little about Bitsy - she's doing well. Thought of getting her a baby friend, but it seems all of Bit's family and friends have disappeared overnight because their 'work permit' expired. It's just a stroke of supreme arse luck that C managed to nab Bitsy before she was herded home with the rest of the gang. Literally by the minutes. That's C for you, his arse luck really knows when to make an appearance. Too bad it doesn't work on lotteries though. Drats.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Vegetarian no Moo

The thing about not having any meat intake in the last couple of days, is that your body will hit you suddenly with a giant shout "I WANT MY MEAT NOW!!". At 10am this morning I started hallucinating about pizzas. And the thing about me is, once I start hallucinating and getting an idea in my head, especially FOOD, is that I am easy to convince. 5 mins later I am looping my colleagues into my evil pizza scheme and coordinating with them what toppings to order. At 12.30pm 4 slices of pizza is happily resting in my guts. Ohhh yeah.

Last day of class tonight and it's a real struggle. Energy levels are going down, most of us felt it since yesterday. The only thing keeping us going is that we've all paid out of our pockets for this course, and yes even though fake Tods bag is superiorly boring, but I paid for it, so I better not lugi. Die die also must drag my arse to school.

Speaking of Tods, charity sale is on this weekend. All proceeds to kids charity. Special discount for VIPs storewide. GULP. Hallucinating like a rabid dog already. Think i'll just go take a peek. It's only a peek. And it's for charity. Right? Right?? Oh gawd.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rumblings of a vegetarian Cow

Wah is it only Wednesday morning. I need some sleep. Have managed to stay alert and awake throughout lessons at school, still amazed at this fact. And even better, still have energy to do some light revision after I get home. WAH! So ON ah?! I reallly amaze myself. I'm actually quite proud of it, even though it's just 20 mins trying to read good ol' boring chapter 1. But then, every night I seem to be still at chapter 1 because I couldn't remember what I read the night before. Uhh...maybe I do need those ginko pills. I don't remember being so "ON" when I was studying for my Bsc. Hmm, Bsc = BullShitCow?? Maybe I was aiming in the right direction from the start.

Am starting to eat junk for dinner. Can't help it when the darn HDB hub at TP is so crowded with goodies and food places!! Had delifrance on Monday nite and MOS burger yesterday. And more Teh-C in the last 1 week than in the past 6 months. The calories, and no yoga! Alamak.

Speaking of yoga, managed to sneak some time during lunch hour to go to the nearby gym to self-practice. One week of no yoga does strange things to my body, it actually makes it more loose and flexible. Or is because I've been vegetarian for about 2 days. My last meat intake was on Sunday night when mom cooked. Before that I was vegetarian for 2 days also. Maybe the lack of meat is why my mind is sharper and more awake. Wah, interesting possibilities. A lady at the gym who saw me do my yoga came to me and said, "Your yoga is fantastic! Do you teach?". Heh, I can't help but give myself a smug little smile. I feel myself floating already. Ha ha.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Aging Schoolgirl strikes again

2nd day at school today, and Ya kun b'fast again. I could make this a habit (the Ya Kun I mean), but wah, for toast, eggs and teh, it costs 4 bucks. Pricey leh.

Same class, same students, same fake Tod's bag. Didn't make the lesson any more inspiring than yesterday. Double yawn. But, managed to stay awake throughout (amazing!) and I entertained myself reading through the printouts of relevant reading materials. Some of the stuff is actually really good (of course lah! we're talking experts who published in harvard business review leh!) and even better, they are more readable than I thought.

The mind wanders of course, sometime into the class, a thought struck me. Hey, this business scenario sounds familiar. Hey I've been through this's just like......SIMS!! And by that, I mean, SimCity. Urban planning, people happiness index, politics, and financial budgeting. You build your city like you would your business, you own it. You nurture it, you make decisions and implement changes, and build your ratings. Eventually you hope to be GOD. Wah. I start to get excited. And I start thinking, yes this could be helpful to my schoolwork! And it's FUN! Hmm, is there a SimCity edition for Apple? I vaguely recall so, but I have to check with beloved C. But then, nevermind if it doesn't, I could always get another PC.....or an iBook, and I think YP can get educational discounts for mac stuff since she is a teacher....should I get a regular laptop or go for a mac? Mac if fun but it's platform is limited and not quite compatible with lots of stuff....


Hold on there...that's a dangerous thought. Getting a new PC. Indeed. Deja vu flashing in my head. Red Red Red!! Flashing through my brain. The last time I innocently bought a Sim game - THE SIMS, some 5 years ago, it had turned out to be quite a project in interior designing, space planning and financial contribution of the unbudgeted kind. And I don't mean virtually. I mean, REALLY. Reality. Real life. Originally a $42 game, it led to a new desktop investment cuz I didn't have enough RAM on the old one. And since my new CPU tower did not fit correctly onto my then computer table, I went and bought a new table. While browsing for a new study/PC table, I decided it had to match the rest of the room, so yeah, might as well get a new dresser and chest of drawers. And since they all had a certain colour theme, I had to repaint my room. I still remember YP and I with brushes in our hands and newspapers lined on the floor, paint on our clothes and faces. I remember dear C driving me to the pain shop at lavendar road buying cans of paints and providing me with colour charts. And finally, when mom saw us repainting my room, she decided the whole house needs to repainted too. Yes, what started as a $42 game cost me some $4K eventually. Only thank goodness I didn't have to pay for the repainting of the rest of the house. So, in conclusion, have I learnt my lesson? Do I really need to play the SIM game? Is it even safe to do so???! Think I better write myself a business case on the pros and cons. Or meditate deeply and hope the answer moos its way to me soon. Omm. Moo.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Diary of an Aging Schoolgirl

After I wolfed down my Ya Kun breakfast (yum yum!), I went to class. Apparently this is a pretty large class of 40 students, and from the name list, some 10 were engineers, and maybe another 10 were in IT. I roll my eyes. The course is on Management Info Systems. YAWN. As the class progressed, it immediately confirmed what I already knew all along - british lecturers are B.o.r.i.n.g. Each module cost me a good Tod's bag, and try as I might to imagine my lecturer as a Tod's bag, he's no subsitute. Not even close. Gimme a Tod's bag anytime. He speaks in MONOtones. Eh, we're talking IT and Info systems right?? So at least give us some Equalizer (ironically, EQ!!) or maybe some surround sound lah. But no, it's one voice in the far off corner with a deadpan face. Alamak.

A quick scan of the classmates confirmed another thing - typical Singaporean students. Hardly anyone spoke up when questions were asked, hardly anyone challenged the lecturer's assumptions and viewpoints. It's just going to be a bunch of sponges soaking up every word the teacher says in verbatim. During the 1st break a bunch of guys cornered the fake Tod's bag and asked about exam outline and past year exam papers and questions. Wahlau, it just reaffirmed the fact that these people don't see much value in an MBA except as a nice piece of paper to have. All they wanna do is just learn by route and pass the exams.

The course is easier than I thought, maybe it's just first day introduction? To my surprise I managed to stay alert and attentive throughout, I didn't even fall asleep after lunch as I thought I would. Which brings me to the other shocking bit of news - I failed to realise that the Starbucks at the HDB hub has given way to a BK joint!!!! I felt the wind knock out of my lungs when I go looking for the coffee counter only to stare blankly at the BK sign. It's been months since BK was there, I've seen it, but I failed to make the connection it's actually occupying the Starbucks space. NOW I REALISE. Wah, brain really not working. What am I gonna do for caffeine??? Ok, maybe will just stick to Ya Kun teh for now.

I decided to head to Popular to get some stationery supplies. WAHHHHH!!!! I didn't know stationery could be so funky these days. And CHEAP!! I got myself a tiny stapler and hole puncher, all small enough to fit into my makeshift pencil case. I didn't even know they make stuff in such small sizes. And the ultimate discovery of the day - they don't make correction FLUID anymore. Apparently the thing is called correction TAPE these days. And boyo, I stood there looking like a goondu not knowing which to choose. There are so many. Ended up with a cutesy one in pink. Refillable of course. My stationery haul cost me a measly $12 and all could fit into my pencil case. Ahem, my pencil POUCH is now fat and happy. And full of fun stuff. No designer brand makes pencil pouches in that size, I'm sure. And frankly, I don't give a damn. My pencil pouch happiness index is 8/10.

Dearest C gave me a most surprising and fun present today. I now have a new lodger in my house named Bitsy. She's definitely part of the cow movement, and Slick's new pet. She's orange with pink prints and apparently, until last night, resided somewhere in Tg Pagar. It took C a couple of hours to pick Bitsy up and specially transport her to my house. Think it shocked a couple of residents and my bro was like, "What the hell?!". Heheh. But I am most pleased and happy, though a smaller Bitsy would be nice and more Wen-sized, but nevermind, it's really sweet. Heheh.

Friday, May 12, 2006

New beginnings.....for old stuff

FINALLY! I have finally used up the bottle of C&E handcream. For a 250ml bottle of handcream, it's proven surprisingly resilient despite daily use. This bottle's been on my table for some 8 months. To expedite it's finishing I've resorted to pumping generous globs for moisturizing the soles of my feet every night. For $53 a can, this stuff is pretty long life. Similarly I have a bottle of this stuff in my cubicle at work, it's been 8 months and it's still only half used, despite repeated pumps everytime I wash my hands. My stock take tells me I have 6 more bottles (not counting the tubes!) in my private stash. Ohgawd that's another 3 yrs supply. Admittedly I went a little crazy with xmas shopping when they offered buy 2 get 1 free. Look what I have now. Oh and not forgetting some 15 odd bottles of shower gels, some 5 or 6 body creams, and then maybe 10 bars of soaps, oodles of face creams and lotions. Yeah if I never bought toiletries for the next 2 years, I shouldn't be worried. My stash will keep me afloat. :P

Packing my bag for school tomorrow, I feel a little odd. It's been years since I was a student and I feel a little old and rusty. I take out my pencil case (from my old days when I went to school yrs ago) and to my horror, found that the pencil case is actually mouldy. I mean, there's green grey blobs of stuff spotty all over the case. But to it's credit, it's a pencil case my ex-boss gave me some 6 or 7yrs ago. Ah well, I went hunting into my stash to see if I could find one of those freebie beauty bags I could use as a temp pencil case. Oh yeah, I found like 5 or 6 (ohmygod where did all this junk come from?), I even found stuff I forgot I owned. Speaking of pencils, my latest object of desire - the Montblanc Starwalker pen, the new one with a little diamond star at the head. Damage - $730. Ouch. But hey, it's nice to drool at but unless it helps me score a distinction at school, I'll stick with my el cheapo $2.50 pilot pens. Now speaking of cheapo pens, I realise all the pens I have were from my old school days. Wow, I hope the ink still flows, otherwise I better bite my fingers and write notes in blood. :P

One last whiny bit - major damage and ouch to my wallet today. Treated YP to lunch and a pressie as it's her bday tomorrow. Then myself for a much deserved pedi, and then had to treat mom to dinner in advance for mother's day on sunday. Not to mention another durian indulgence (it's getting close to the season!!). Wah, all in all can buy myself the darn Tiffany necklace I was eyeing. Ah well, good news is, once I start school, not much chance to go shopping and spend money. I HOPE. I really hope I don't do something stupid like blow it all on the upcoming Tod's sale. Moo.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Daily Poo Index Strikes Again!

Poo Index today is at an all time GROSS! Super 10/10 score. I spoke too soon when I mentioned in my previous post about the daily poo being consistent and boring. Lesson learnt - 1) never underestimate the Poo Index; 2) always believe in the calm before the major poo storm; 3) Shit ALWAYS happens.

Woke up today to the sight of loose watery poo splattered on the floor next to my bed. Major Eeeouww factor 1. Stepped into the living room with dreaded expectation. Saw gigantic watery patch of brown grossness in the balconey. Just like runny watery eggs. Major eeoooow factor 2. As for the SMELL........well, let's just say it's not something that brings on an appetite. Eeeouuuw factor 3.

Came home this evening, only to be hit by a gaggingly familiar sickeningly gross smell the moment my dogs jumped on me. Needless to say, warning bells rang in my head. Looked at the balconey, and yep, suspicions confirmed. Culprit - UNKNOWN.
Unfortunately, no dinner for both of them tonight, since I don't know who's responsible. Probably Holly, as she's been rubbishing the grounds lately. Yuck. If only they could talk. Or at least give a knowing nod when I point out to them, "are you the one responsible??". As if they will admit. Probably will just point their sticky paws at each other instead.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Look Ma! I've grown up!

Holly has grown up. Well actually, grown taller. In one of those rare moments when the both of them stood side by side, shoulder to shoulder, for that brief 5 secs I suddenly realised, Holly is now taller than the Bis. Wow. What happened when I wasn't looking???! I had noticed she was skinnier these few days, and now realised it must be because she has become taller! She's sprouted overnite?! Still kinda gawky looking, with all legs and and yet to develop a deep chest (hmm, is this the equivalent of a size DD??). Hmmmm.

Slick is in the wash as I type this entry! AHA! At long last I managed to capture him unawares and throw him in together with my laundry. He hasn't been bathed in months, and he's proven very elusive whenever I do my laundry. I suspect he sends sublimal messages to me so I forget to wash him too.

School starts this weekend. Mixed thoughts. I do need a pencil box, but not sure if I should get a school bag. But guess what, I've moved up in the materialistic world. Maybe I should get a gucci pencil case, a tods school bag and a montblanc pen. Whoa. How's that for a student? More power to my MOO.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


It's the Dog show today. Yes and Ditsy Holly made her appearance as usual. Up to yesterday I was in 2 minds about going or not. But Clarence convinced me to go, since "its' just for fun". Watching the other dogs prance beautifully in the ring, and then looking at the goofy stance of my own airhead bimbo, I cannot help but heave an extreme sigh of regret. She walks like an idiot, behaves like one, and finally, it's also mommy's fault for spoiling her and not putting her on lead training. She absolutely hates the lead, and in both shows today, 'jammed breaks' in the middle of the show ring. It's like, "Nooooooo.....I dunwanna walk on lead. Hmpf. Take that. *jams break*". Wahlau macham malu. Of course this places her nowhere near the contest of winning any title of anysort, except THE MOST BIMBOTIC DOG if they ever have this category. The other reason I wanted to go to the show was in hope of getting a good discount on greentripe and preparing to buy a whole carton. I was CONNED. Greentripe stall did not make an appearance. Haiyah. I helped Clarence handle one of his 3.5 mths old puppy IG today, and she's a real sweetie named Charlotte. As I observed it, all 3 of Clarence's baby puppies in the ring walks better and more gracefully than Ditsy Bimbo. They prance and trot. Bimbo walks like she is spider crawling, with her head down on the ground as if a whole pot of beef stew is going to appear there at any time. :P I think I should make a solemn promise that this will be my last show unless I show some discipline in her lead training. Otherwise why even go and malu myself right?

On a completely separate topic, the takashimaya taxi stand is like a fashion parade of CARS CARS CARS. Not just ordinary cars. But luxury cars. Ah bengs in their sports cars, tai tais in their Lexus or merc coupes or the giant 500 series, a couple of Porshe Cheyannes, BMWs, and other luxury makes zooming by. Even the sound of luxury cars are different. Heavy, smooth, silent. Yesterday as I stood looking at these cars pass me by, I wonder when will it ever be my turn to own one of these babies. I wish my beloved beefpotpie would strike the winning lottery and buy me one of these beauties. Wait a minute, why should I be wishing he strikes lottery?? I should be wishing for ME ME ME to strike lottery instead!! Knowing C, I'll probably end up with a BMX instead of a BMW. Duh. Thus, better if I strike lottery. Not him. I mediate on this thought. OMMmmmm. Mooooo.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Parking Idiots in Singapore

John told me about this blog Parking Idiots in Singapore, well as one can well surmised, it's devoted to parking idiots in Singapore. I couldn't resist looking in, and WAH!!! This blog is hot! Just look at the visitor count! But really, some of the pics of parking idiots are damn funny...... ha ha ha. Thumbs up to the fella who even thought to come up with something like this. A real hoot.

The Daily Poo Index. Ahhh....much loved but have been missing for awhile. Nothing much going up there, dog droppings have been pretty decent to-date with not much fuss. Worth a mention here again though, as yesterday I've had the odious task of helping Holly get 'unstuck' from her own err, organic produce as she walked around with her hind legs in a squat, and 'stuff' half hanging from her rear end. She was trying hard to give it a last push but wasn't able to, and looking up at me with a befuddled expression, I can only sigh in motherly torment, cover my hands in newspaper and yeah, there I go giving it the friendly pull. Ugh. I suppose it's kinda like gynaes helping deliver babies? Ummmm....yeah right.

Finally made up my mind to go and show Holly tomorrow. She walks like an idiot as usual. But my fault for not putting her to training this entire time.

Have been hallucinating about durians this whole day... and took a walk to the neighbourhood across in hopes of procuring some. YESSSS !!! Got myself 2 boxes, despite a large ulcer in my mouth. But the Daily Cow Happiness Index is some 9/10. Mooo.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Moo Moo Song

C told me this there is a song for cows, it's about moo-moos. He promptly played me KLF's version of Justified and Ancient. You know...the one that goes, "They're justified, and their Ancient....". Why is it a moo-moo song? Because apparently the first couple of line goes like, "All bound for Moo Moo land...". Somewhere later in the song they sing about how "they drive an ice cream van". HUH?!!

So I don't the hell can cows drive ice cream vans??! And why should they?? I figured if they are driving any type of vans, it should be MILK vans, not ice cream vans. I mean, they produce milk, and then they do milk runs. But ice cream???
So I decided to google of the lyrics of the song, and guess what, it's not moo-moo land, it's MU MU LAND!!! Duh. So this song is not about cows, and so of course it means, these cows do not drive ice cream vans. AHAH! But then...what the heck is a mu mu land?? And who's justifiend and ancient?? I scratch my head.

So I decided to search the net for a REAL cow song. And this is what I found, now that's what I call a cow song. It's seriously quite funny. Moo.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Food for Thought

Recently I stumbled onto someone's food blog . It's a really lovely blog and my first reaction was - WAHHHH!!! something after my own heart. The blogger is a very young adult, reading her blog brought back sudden memories of long ago when in my worldismyoyster years I was an avid foodie with a passion for writing and checking out all the newest and "in" restaurants and eateries this tiny island had to offer. It helped that my then-bf had a passion for food and pocket deep enough to cover our regular food jaunts around the island. Of course, in the course of our relationship he put on 20kg thanks to my passion for eating.

Passion for food is also what brought YP and I together some 6yrs ago. We were both contributors to a now defunct online food review site, and have been good friends ever since. Of course now, things have changed, with YP being engrossed with the 2 males in her life, if now we eat out together we are either at Lei gardens or Hua Ting. Not very adventurous but it's food for the soul.

Reading joone's blog awakened a latent memory that I was one a passionate foodie. I still love food, and I love to cook - culinary skills have improved tremendously over the last 4yrs thanks to a keen interest in feeding my dear beef tartare. What is startling is coming to terms to the fact is I now prefer simpler meals. Pretty sure much of it is because of my yoga practice, over time my body has evolved to only want simple comfort food. Tofu with rice and veggies, or just some steamed fish. Plenty of soup. I'm just happy with that. Most of my yoga teachers and friends who practice seriously find themselves naturallly inclined towards a vegetarian diet as the body starts to reject complex protein and oily foods on its own. My own process has probably started, though at heart I'm still a foodie, I don't think I will ever be a vegetarian completely. I STILL NEED MY FISH!!!'s a complicated thought - as a disciple of the cow movement, I'm part cow but cows are supposed to be herbivores!! thus cows = vegetarians. Cows don't eat fish! So...I guess I'm not a cow? Is that why I chant OM instead of Moo

Monday, May 01, 2006

Labourious Day

Wooohoo...public holiday today. And I spent most of it guessed it, yoga. Well actually a 2 hr class with Viv, and then another 3hrs gossiping with Meei and Linda, which is very typical of us. Gossips complete our zen experience for the day. Makes us whole. And gives our mouths a spirirtual experience. LOL. The challenge in class this week for me is Astavakrasana - I could do it decently on my right side but with some difficulty on my left. Today at class as it was so packed and we were nearly mat to mat, YP was given a good close up of the dirt under my feet as I extended my legs out to my right side. LOL. Here's a lovely pic of the pose borrowed from

In class today a motherly lady probably in her 50s next to me was doing her poses with ease and grace. Very graceful like a dancer. And she's very flexible with very long hamstrings as well. Watching her bend forward touching her nose to her knees I feel a pang of envy. Wah, despite all these years of practice my hamstrings seem to have frozen up instead of getting longer. Envy to her.

Finally, C gave some positive comments about the new blog layout. As I expected, he wondered about a cow theme in an apparently yoga-doggy blog. Yeah, maybe I should rename the site. Mutterings of a Moomoo Yogini??

Horrors!! Powered up megan to post my blog today only to find that (GASP!!!) the cow image is positioned differently when using Safari. PENGZ SAN...... headaches of all headaches. Yesterday as I laboured intensively over getting the layout right I had to use my company laptop, as apparently megan (or Safari, rather) could not download blogskins correctly. The blogger preview tool is also somewhat misleading as I realised it doesn't show the actual real real layout. :P

ANYWAY...back to work tomorrow. A full week of meetings. Expect it to be labourious, tedious and fraught with tension. Then dog show on Sunday. Still in 2 minds if I shoud show Holly, thanks to lack of discipline on my part (guilty!) and being a sloth in her show training. Of course, my excuse is - she's an airhead.