Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Things that make you go "HUH"

Showed off another one of my Far East plaza acquisitions today - a heavy, raincoat like dress teamed with a corset belt complemented by black stockings and my purple plastic booties. It's really the 'in' thing these days - the corset belt, black stocking and booties. Of course it did turn a few heads with the office people, and of course, C was anything but complimentary. Best he could muster was something like, "if i gave you a broom, you could sit on it and fly". Eh, i can't help it if ordinary people don't keep up with fashion trends, it's too bad they are ordinary and boring in their dressing. I explained to C, since spore is getting really crowded these days, me dressing very differently means he could easily pick me out in a sea of crowded people. He had to agree on this point.

GV at vivo charged $16 for a movie tix today cuz of their bday bash thing, which is kinda stupid we thought. So we rejected the movie, and went down to Superdogs for a meal (as highly recommended by Billy who claimed it was the greatest best dog stand in SG). The prices were the usual fast food prices, but of course C being C, ordered the biggest dog with extra toppings of everything. One thing that never cease to amaze me till now, is how my Concow can turn even a cheap meal into a rather expensive one. Price of normal superdog = $8. Price or normal superdog with extra everything = $15. HUH. Dog was all but dead within 5 mins, and C went back to order a super burger (you guessed it - with extra everything). Total price of our fast food dinner = $35. HUH HUH. How does one eat $35 of fast food??? And we rejected movie because of $16 tix?? The economist would ask, the utility of a $32 movie vs $35 fast food meal is how different?

Later found a gigantic candy store at vivo basement. C wanted some candy. I imposed a $10 limit, but at check-out, the bill came to $35. HUH. You guessed it - extra supersize of everything.

Moral of story, supersize bf = supersize burgers and dogs = supersize candy = supersize clothes = need gf with supersize bank acct. Any rich tai tais out there?

Monday, November 19, 2007


This one really got me going off my rockers. There was some show on cable, produced the Frasier guy, which is basically a parody of some lame and cheeky jokes. The first of which they flashed a pic of a lama on telly, and a pretend newscaster flashing the headlines - "Is Lama bad?" (Islamabad). It was unbelievably corny but damn funny. I couldn't stop repeating this to poor C day in and day out. He looked at me as if I've lost my head. There were other pretty lame and corny one through the 15 min segment, one gotta hand it to those folks who has to think of lame and corny jokes for a programme like this. What genius!

Jokes aside the rather pathetic bit was when the K-fashion spree has shown me how it truly crippled me poor ol' bank account. Went to the bank to withdraw some cash, only to be cold heartlessly and ruthlessly rejected with a big sign flashing "account balance insufficient to meet withdrawal amount". OUCH. Nothing can be more painful than that, except maybe a big neon sign and alarms flashing and wailing madly atop the atm machine each time a person tries to withdraw more than available balance. C looked at me with big blinking eyes and a sympathetic look, "you are that broke huh? And it's only the 20th of the month...".

Ahhh yep. Maybe it's time for awakening. Spree over.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Having spent so much on K-fashion and K-drama, I wonder maybe if I should just go back to being the T&T girl. Yes they are lovely, beautiful goods, but suddenly the thought of spending over $400 on shoes or $2K on a bag doesn't come so easy anymore. Not that it was easy before, it was always with some reluctance to spend on luxury goods, it took some convincing, and then a lot of saliva to swallow when the credit card bills came. But yes, there are still things at T&T I desire, lovely classy jewellery, and bags and shoes. I spied a wallet....but at $500+....aieee. Desire is just desire, sometimes we just have to desire, and only admire from afar.

Desire again. I watched a cooking show on tv, made me miss again potting around in the kitchen, making real meals. My cookbook remains dusty and unused. When can I finally get back into the kitchen? The last time I quit my job I spent a month at home, just K-drama and cooking. It was great, it was fabulous, and also rather expensive (apparently I did not cull my spending habits despite joblessness). Hmm.

Reel vs Real

K-drama is pretty dramatic. Someone always have a tragic history, someone gone through some unbelievably suay series of events, someone dies, and someone always cry a lot. In fact, the over-crying bit is what irritates me. These girls cry so much, cry all the time, just cry cry cry cry cry. How can hero expect to fall in love with such crybabies? For some reason beyond me, they always do. Ugh.

C said to me, let's have some meaningful conversation. OK. Sure. So I start telling him how he should declare his love for me, for I am his sun, his moon, the stars in the sky would not shine as brightly without me. Without me his world is darkness, I light up his life, I make him glad he exists, his heart is so full of me that anymore will just make it explode, if he had 2 hearts it will just burst with joy and love for me....yadda yadda yadda. Somewhere in the midst of all this C was making gagging sounds. I was like, hey, in K-drama the couple in love does this all the time. Of course, he raised his one eyebrow and said to me, it was his love for me that stopped him from strangling me there and then at that moment, and that should be love enough. Hahahaha. Sure, he loves me, but pllllllleeeeeeeeaaase minus the balloon pants. Oooh, topic for another conversation. Surely love me = love my balloon pants too right? Again another look, and he declared, if only he had a knife in hand right now.....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wen's Twelve

Twelve. My Twelve. My Twelve pair of new shoes. My Twelve pair of new shoes accumulated in the last 4 weeks.

Yep. Twelve.

Do I have space for twelve pairs of new shoes? Obviously not. So shoe boxes are stacked all over my room. C commented how the room looks like it's gonna implode. He was also flabbergasted how much new clothes I've accumulated for "this season". I proudly showed him a fashion mag to justify my purchases. Of course I don't have space for so many new clothes, so it's just hanging all over the place in my room.

Yep, internal implosion looks imminent.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Descent: Evolution

I proudly showed off one of my Far East Plaza acquisitions from yesterday - a pair of silk pantaloon shorts. I must say it takes certain guts to wear them, if anyone wore them, I'd certainly stare. C's jaw dropped to the ground, he was gaping speechless. I joviously commented how "cute" I looked, his eyes rolled so much it would have dropped out of his head if it could. Silly, yes. Ugly, yes. Tasteless yes. Stupid yes. Cute, no. He bemoaned how my once very classy dress sense has now degenerated to cheap and tacky. How I once even used to make cheap look good, my fashion sense has quickly descended to awfully tacky. But oh, this is how the kids who shop at Far East dress anyway, all cheap and plasticky. I just needed to blend in, I countered. Going in my expensive-do will just make me out of place. To compliment my balloony-pantaloons look, I even (for the first time ever ever ever in years), made use of a cheap, ugly, totally tacky looking silver bag that came as a freebie when I was buying some skincare earlier. Whoa. Mega-cheap tacky Wen going about town. People were probably staring in agape horror, I didnt' care, rather, I was having quite abit of fun. C refused to even walk side by side or hold my hand. It was truly amusing, but it was fun to amuse him and listen to him run out of words to describe my new dress sense. In recent weeks, there have been many a first for me. Where I used to buy only Tods, I have now succumbed to $59 cheap shoes from Far East. I even degenerated to the level of buying a faux (gasp) fur leopard print bag (gasp gasp) with a fake prada-like logo for $49. The last bag I bought was $200, and even I considered that degenerate at that point in time. How low can I go? I chuckle at the thought. The silver freebie bag is probably the ultimate.

Far East plaza shopping = several hundred in total. Price of horror on C's face for hours = Priceless.

Oh what fun moo.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


First thing the beautician exclaimed when she saw me, "Wah! You work very long hours or use computer a lot issit?". I replied, " leh. Why, my dark circles very dark issit?". Her response, "Hei de bu de liao!". Meaning --> very jialat dark eye circles. I sheepishly admitted I had been chasing K-dramas awhile.

Now, come to think of it, the startling revelation of the day was, when was the last time I slept at 11pm?? Not for months. I probably haven't slept earlier than 1am since my K-addiction started. And its starting to show. According to my beautician anyway. Years ago I would not understand why people are so addicted to K-drama. I found them overly dramatized (not that I even watched a single series, merely an impression led me thus). But now, now I understand the magnificent power of K-drama. Frankly, not all male leads are good looking, I still find Koreans look a little wierd, and probably a small fraction of actresses can even be called pretty despite their overly highly plastic-ized society. It's the K-fashion that keeps me watching. K-fashion is really something else and it has spawned a new addiction ....SHOPPING.

I can't help it. I cringe and whinge at how much I spend shopping. But having discovered the price of cheap Far East Plaza fashion lately, my weak-willed self could not resist the lure of cheap trendy clothing. This season's layered, booted look is everywhere. I want it. I need it. I must have it. More clothes. More shoes. More bags. Buy buy buy buy buy. Shop assistants hurry to serve me gladly when they see how many bags I am carrying. The word BIG SPENDER must be imprinted on my forehead, no matter I am in shorts and t-shirt and unglam sandals. They clearly recognize "lui". Like chinese say, "ren qian bu ren ren" (recognize $$ don't recognize face).

How much did I spend today? Eooow. Ooooo. OUCH.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Meaningless but Happy

The other day whilst in conversation with C, I asked if should one day he become wealthy and didn't have to work for a living, what sort of jobs would he do just for fun? Out came a number of suggestions, one being a pilot. As for me, if I didn't have to work for a living, my dream job could possibly be 1) Korean drama reviewer (yipeee, get to watch all sorts of K-drama for free before anyone else does), 2) receptionist at an aesthetic clinic (then I can get my boob lifts and face lifts at a good price). Somehow or other the conversation moved on to "The stupidest jobs one could ever have", and I gleefully replied in a smug tone "Pig procreation assistant". It's a real case of a real guy whom a colleague encountered in the ER of a hospital, this poor chap had the unceremonious job of assisting pigs mount each other in the process of pro-creation. Apparently pigs have some difficulty due to their huge bodyweight, and the male anatomical part is of some corksrew shape. One day whilst attempting assistance, one of these big bellied pigs fell onto the poor chap and broke his arm. OUCH. Talk about job hazards.

Of course, C conceded that indeed there could not be a job dumber than that. Why would anyone want to be in this job we wonder?