Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Economics of Caffeine

Why did the chicken cross the road? To maximise utility (according to economists anyway). Ok, econs exam over. AT LAST. Though I doubt I did well (or even average), which is a real shame considering in retrospect, the questions were kinda like econs 101 and I did (do, actually) have a basic degree in economics. But as with every econs exam, I got all curves confused at the crucial moment. Ah well.

By the way I'd like to state for the record, and declare the ultimate, most effective sleeping pill ever is not Valium, or whatever those drug companies make. It's an economics textbook. Pure and simple. Read it for 10 mins and guaranteed instant sleepiness and a visit to la-la land. I'm a caffeine sensitive person, and 1 cuppa at 4pm will likely keep me awake till past midnite, but for the sake of revisions last week, I risked downing caffeine in the evening after dinner in a bid to stay awake for revisions. The conclusion? Either I've built up a caffeine tolerance (thanks to Spinelli's at my office), or econs texts are the ultimate sleep inducer. No caffeine was able to keep me awake for more than 30mins (and later than 11pm) the moment I started reading the textbooks. Econs text simply and easily overpowered Starfreakingbucks. Amazing.

6th anniversary yesterday. Time really passes. We had dinner at Valentino's where the man himself came out personally to take care of our orders. Family home style italian cooking, yum. They even made us a special cake and nearly broke out into a song and dance, but sometimes things don't go like planned. Ah well, we can't have all we want in life - if I could, I want the winning 4D numbers (speaking of which, today's papers said a certain tua pek kong at AMK is quite 'zun'). Hmmm.

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Cows done bad said...

Wah!! you really need to study more.. i need 6 cans of full strength coke to make it thru the night!!.. you cheap coke addict!

Yup.. 6 anniversery and i kinda blew it.. was sooo stoned after so many sleepless days and nights that i bscrewed up... me feeling sooo sorry, everynight, i look over my shoulder just in case the grim slick is standing there!.. eeee... what a feeling..

Cows done bad..cake was damn rich tho.. my pennance was to kena eat till i almost threw up!! and that is saying a lot!!