Thursday, April 30, 2009


Impossible to overspend in Vietnam? But it happened. Food cheap, shopping cheap, spa is super duper cheap. Pedicure for S$10, Massages for $30, 4hr spa packages for $120, Hair treatment for $15. Yes, one can just spa, mani, pedi and hair salon away an entire weekend easily. Cost of airfare + hotel was even less than total spa and hair treatment? Vietnamese men - not great looking, now, Viet women? They got bodies like goddesses, all big boobs and small waists. Perfect hourglass figures. Is it from eating all the pho???
I thought Vietnam was conservative, but judging by the number of sexy, scandalous dresses at the wedding dinner, I have to change my opinion of Vietnamese women.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hong Kong

If it is at all possible to get bored in HK, yes it can happen. 4 days in HK, one would think happiness in shopping paradise. Food was great, and excellent most times. Shopping, well, if HK is not on sale, it can be very expensive. 2 days of shopping and I was nearly bored, I don't know how HK people can shop so much and rumoured to spend 90% of their salary on accessorizing and cosmetics for themselves. It rained and we could go to the islands for a look-see. What a shame.

And oh, in HK, birkins are everywhere. Spotted a couple at the airport when I landed. Man. I getting more and more pissed at Hermes singapore.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Vocabulary

At lunch with my VIP and VVVIP aka G/4 friends today. Much of the conversation centered on (what else), shopping, fashion goods etc. This is all I could remember:

G4:"....(blah blah blah)..LV... blah blah LV...speedy....LV....blah blah...zipper...blah blah...lock ($25)...fake LV..many many LV...LV in box...france...

Me: blink. blink blink blink. blink.

Ok I know LV. I know what an LV lock is. As for the speedy.. and the zipper (zipper is a zip right??)..ok I need more education. My friends, they can write Pulitzer prize winning thesis on LV already. Phd in shopping and Arch-supremacy in global networking and sourcing.

And I've been advised to keep a small bag in the office as 'backup' bag. Along with backup clothes, shoes etc. Ok duly noted.

Power to G4.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Precious

Precious came home with me today, after my good friends had some time to admire (or frankly, try to scrutinize what is so $xxK about this bag). The thing is, with all the hooha, it eluded me to figure out where the heck I am going to store Precious. Now the problem is Precious is housed in a gigantic box even wider than 1 panel of my wardrobe. No where to run, no where to hide in my room. Hmm, maybe I'll have to stash the box in the office (whoa. converting office space to personal storage space). But to Veron's earlier point, this is gonna be a bit of a problem carrying a giant Hermes paperbag/ box with my cutesy haircut trying to get an MRT student concession.

Why would anyone in their right mind pay $xxK for a bag. Nothing extraodinary about it, except the perception of branding, and the so-out-of-reach factor. I don't even think I'm in my right mind. But at least, on my checklist of "Things I need to do before I die", this item can be crossed out.

Next up....BMW......

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Look

My hairstylist is a woman of wonder - actually it's my friend's stylist but I so shamelessly claim her as my own now. Every cut is excellent. Now she's actually given me bangs for my latest look, something I never thought I could have thanks to unruly natural curls. But it was so simple oh so simple. People who've seen me have gushed, oh so cute, oh so sweet, and oh you-look-so-young. And I am amused and flattered to no end. Coupled with the big blinky eyes thanks to lasik surgery, it seems I have a new uber cute look. Even C was taken aback. Wahahah. Wahahahahhaahah. Now, I'm wondering if I can cutesy my way to a student concession ticket at the MRT station? Hmmm.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

My new Love

And finally my love, my joy, my heart.
My Precious.......

As attestment to my previous posts on Women Power and the importance of being Important. My good friend (now elevated to superly excellent friend status) and her massive network of Very Important People who knows Important information, bagged me this beauty. This is a culmination of a 4.5 year wait for me. Moral of story? If you don't know important people who have important information, then better wait long long until neck like a giraffe. Even then also probably won't happen.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Importance of being Important

Some time ago if you asked me, I would rather be minion than manager. Now if you ask me, I rather be a manager than a minion. Having realised and reconciled to the fact (actually, am still reconciling) that it's important to be important. Actually, it's important to be an important manager. In fact, it's even more important to have an important boss. To be really sure, it's important to know important people. Yes in this world, job title counts, as does the number of countries managed and scope of geography under the umbrella. As well as the number of people in the empire. The sad, but real truth is, yes, more is merrier. Somehow people of this world equate MORE as being IMPORTANT. It's like going to the gym and comparing in the mirror and facing off against the opponent, whose muscles are bigger.

yes it's true. and C will probably say, I told you so!

But wait....does that mean more work is better? Hmm.

Women Power

Women are scary. It's the universal truth and everyone knows it, no matter how much Men disagree (but deep down in their hearts they know it too). Other than the sacred mission of giving birth, in my opinion, women are capable of single-handedly lifting and supporting the economy. How many yoga clothes can women buy? - A lot. And a lot of these women who buy a lot, tend to buy nearly every colour available of a design they like. Good for me. Good for them. Now, translate that to if women like birkins and buy every single colour available, that's enough GDP to support Indonesia.

Think about it, if women were the CEO of banks and large US MNCs, maybe there wouldn't have been a world collapse. the (retail) world would make so much money, everyone is laughing their way to the banks.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Marketing people and a Polybag

It could be described no less than an eye-opening experience. Me, sitting in a telecon with a factory manager, R&D scientists and maybe 5 marketing persons. Listening to these 5 marketing persons debate with R&D for over ONE hr, how much ink and what colours the printing on the polybag should be (for the unintiated, the polybag is a the plastic bag). The discussion centered around how to make a barcode on the bag more visible. And so the marketing dudes (most of them highly educated, very intelligent people) garbled on and on and on about colour, tone and bag material for a good 1hr. I could hardly believe my ears. My my it seems, these people can be more nitpicky and anal than women. 1hr just trying to decide on the background colour of a barcode? Man. Think they can compete with those hdb aunties on vegetable prices at the wet market leow.