Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Few things noteworthy:

1. Having to work over the weekend for an important project, juggle a school assignment due at the same time, plus marathon of K-Drama Bong. Amazing, but I did it. Had about 5 hrs sleep daily for a week but hardly even needed caffeine. I realised watching marathon K-dramas actually kept me awake and energised early. Whoa.

2. 7 years with C this month. Wow it's been that long. A new record for the longest relationship ever - the previous one being some 6.5 yrs. When I asked C if I was sexier now or years before, he said now. Before I was young, innocent and rather stupid. Apparently now I'm no longer young and innocent, but still same old stupid. Sigh. Indeed, for strange reason I am not quite my bright brilliant self when with C, he somehow manages to con me. But I think he secretly devises ways and means to trick me, so he gets a thrill of it. Things like.... "a sexagon is a 6-sided object...". Uh huh.

3. A record 3 weeks no bath for my dogs. The odiferous wafts of doggie stench reached their absolute limit. When one steps into the house and gets assaulted by a rather poisonous smell that could fell a lesser person....ah well. C couldn't believe I can't even take 5 mins to bathe 2 dogs (yes it's that quick). My response? Bis and Holly no likey baths. It's not criminal not to bathe them, in fact, I'm simply improving my customer service level to them. Dogs no like baths, dogs don't get baths. If they had to fill in a survey form and rate my performance, I get full marks in this section for customer service. Ahahahhahahaahah.

4. Boobs. Definitely sagging. Awww. Imagine when I reach 60.....wahlau. I didn't appreciate them before, but that and the wrinkles on my face are just reminders of aging. Bleh.

Butt Pain

Butt pain from sticking my ass to the sofa. You got it - Korean drama addiction yet again. Guess part of growing old and older, is addiction becomes worse. Shopping addiction, spending addiction, K-drama addiction.....

Surgeon Bong Dal-hee didn't look like a promising show, I only saw 2 eps on cable by bored chance, went to the dvd store to rent some other show but everything I wanted was "out of stock" except this one. Turns out to be a good choice, as good as the last one I watched (Queen of the Game). I peaked with 5 hrs or non-stop eyesgluedtotv on sunday for this. Bong is also the only K-drama I watched 2 times. Searched the web and surprisingly realised the male lead is the same guy who acted with Shu Qi in My wife is a gangster 3. That movie had me in stitches, I couldn't believe it's the same actor, he looks so different. Best (or worse) of all, when watching Bong I was struggling to meet work and school project deadlines. Somehow still managed to rush home and plug in 3hrs of dvd till wee 2am each night. Un-frigginbelievable right?

It's called ADDICTION, capital A.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Price of Vanity

Vanity is very dangerous. Because it is very expensive. Was at the salon to get my haircut and colour touch up, I had a naggy feeling it would be an expensive jaunt. This stylist is very expensive, but at least she knows what she is doing. As usual, I left the salon with a very very nice hairdo and colour job, but about $300 poorer (ouch).

Vanity is expensive because whilst sitting in the chair getting my hair done, I poured through half a dozen fashion mags. I swear there must be a conspiracy between fashion mag publishers and hair salons, because what else can one do whilst stuck in a chair with rollers all over your hair, except to think about shopping and what do buy and what to match. Which is precisely what I did after my hair appointment - go shopping.

Shopping is a dangerous thing (refer to previous blogs on shoe blitz).

For some reason I decided to head out to Far East Plaza since some pretty stuff was featured in the mags, not a bad choice since I could have rojak for dinner. By the time I arrived, rojak was closed. Awww. Consoled myself by shopping.

Shopping is a dangerous thing, no matter how cheap the clothes are. I must have been shopping too much at high end stores lately, because I almost couldn't get over the shock of how one blouse would cost only $39.90 (I thought only hdb sells clothes for these prices). Naturally the cheaper they are the more I will buy. Predictably, I went around a couple of stores and spent about 3 hrs; which netted me a about 10 pieces of new tops. It must be the season, because most if not all are either black or white. Now what I need are boots and more accessories to complete the latest overlaying, overdressed, booted up look.

Damage from shopping? Some $800. OUCH!!

I must be mad.

Mad cow moo.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Maturity has manifested itself in several ways this week. Bis has turned 5, in human years he's 35 years of age. Certainly earned his "maturity" tag. It's been 5 years, yet I still remember the time I first saw him as a 3 day old pup at the breeder's home in Melbourne. He looked like a tiny hamster then, only palm sized big. Now, he's like an old man in many ways - eccentricity, attitude, even the belly paunch, the resigned sighs, the white hair. Iggies live an average of 10 years, 5 more good years left. I can't imagine when the time comes, no doubt I will be immensely sad.

Maturity as I look at myself, my wrinkles, my deep laugh lines, the saggy jowls, the worn out joints, backaches, neck aches, muscle achesl, white hair. Saggy boobs - once my pride and joy....ah well, things eventually always go south. Considering I might have another 30 years, things aren't looking so uplifting at this point. Maybe I should join the crowd in using the services of a good aesthetic physician. :P

Maturity in my dressing - wahlau, my wardrobe still has clothing from like 8 years ago, which I fondly had to wave goodbye as in my objective to become a more trendy fashionista, I have to stop dressing like AUNTIE. Ironically, I have joined the AUNTIE ranks as yesterday whilst passing by Isetan on my way to the supermart, I spied a sign that said 70% off jewellery. I am now the proud owner of some rather ostentatious looking bling blings. I have joined the crowd in showing off rocks on my fingers. Well, at least I've not reach the extent of getting some rather obiang-sized blings (there were a couple of oversized eye-blinding blings at a very good price). I might either get robbed, or fingers chopped off, or bosses will think I'm being overpaid. As in all typical auntie-hood, the blings are not really real of course, I mean, they are real enough blings, but synthetic rather than of mother earth. i.e. I am el cheapo. Wahah.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

On the Edge

I must be making up for lost time. Lost retail time during those growing years, when at school, other friends were interested in shopping and shopping and shopping at far east, centerpoint etc, I simply preferred to work for more pocket money via tuition, save $$ and shop at giordano, or wait for the metro annual sale where I will go bargain bin hunting. Credit cards are a dangerous thing - sign sign sign and sign, and I would probably sign my bank account away without knowing. It's probably the 8th pair of new shoe to my newly exploded shoe collection in the past 4 weeks. No shit, I think I spent nearly 1k on shoes recently. Gulp.

Finished my korean drama. Good. But exams coming up. Resist the urge to get another drama. Feeling edgy now. Fingers and butt itchy.

Read from YP's blog she's having problems at home. The breastfeeding bit....well I would not disagree with her parents on that point. I don't think she realises the boy doesn't actually want milk per se, but he wants mommy. He simply sees milk as an association to mommy, and he knows mommy gives him what he wants. I don't think she's doing him any favours by spoiling and giving in to him; imagine in his teenage angst years how his friends will ridicule him when they find out he was breastfed up to age 2. Even worse, with a spoilt temperament it'll be disastrous on gf relationships. He'll either want a gf who does everything for him like mommy, or the girl will have to be a fierce bitch type who can handle him. Now, YP as a MIL will either become exactly like her existing MIL (no girl is good enuff for her son), or will get totally trodden over by the bitch of a DIL. Where's the hubby when you need him? I think he deserves a big spanking. Men need to take care of their wives. Else why would we need a man when we have to do everything ourselves?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Drama Mama

Addicted to a new Korean drama series. Again. Spent some 9 hours over the weekend with my arse plastered to the sofa, spent some 4 hours each night since Monday till wee 1.30am plastered to sofa. Actually even was late to work on Mon and Tues because I could not bear to leave for work without watching 1 ep in the morning. Man it's so good. Angst-ridden revenge-driven hero of the plot, who by the way, is extremely good looking. Now now, why aren't there more scenes of his topless naked body in the shower hmm? Heroine, innocent irritating spoilt brat who becomes a kick-ass tough cookie. Very pretty. I like. I like them both. I love this drama. Of course, the plot is too dramatic (real life surely cannot be like that right?). Korean drama really takes the cake these days on plots that are so dramatic its incredible. But of course, all their plots are intense, emotion driven types. Love like this only happens in the movies, or in the black-box.

In real life...

true love Bis version = scratch my belly everyday, let me sleep on sofa everyday. Get rid of Holly.

true love Holly version = Can I have more (food)?

true love Slick version = Dark side wins the day

true love Con version = harem of Kylie Minogue lookalikes parading around in tight dresses showing off their fabulous butts

true love Wen version = Gimme more T&T (Tod's & Tiffany's)

uh huh. That's real true love.