Friday, January 30, 2009


Through facebook I found a couple of primary and secondary classmats by chance. And oh boy, the startling thing about facebook is how much you can learn about your friends through the info they posted there. So there they are, all with their happily married looks and of course, the darling babies. So I guess, everyone who has a baby posts up photos of their babies, families as much as they can. I have 2 good friends who are such solid, sterling examples. But then, I post up pics of my dogs. I guess all moms are proud moms. The funny thing is, Singapore is a small country, but I haven't bumped into any of these school friends in the past 2 decades since leaving school. Maybe it is a larger world out there, larger than we think.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chubby Hubby for Chinese New Year

My CNY wishes would be:

1. Have a kitchen like Chubby Hubby's.
2. Have a hubby like Chubby Hubby. Doesn't matter what he looks like as long as he can cook like that!

or 3. Have a hubby like chubby hubby, who can give me a kitchen like chubby hubby has.

Well since we have to be realistic, I could just settle for wishing to be invited to chubby hubby's house anytime for a great meal.

Keep on dreaming, Wen.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ok I did it. Finally. Joined Facebook that is. After years of nagging from my friends, and their incredulous declaration of "why aren't you on facebook???" and even the auntie from the block downstairs is on facebook, well I've finally succumbed and joined. All because a good gf of mine said to me, " you should join as it's good for networking and promoting your business".

Uh huh. And so all it takes it the right magic words sometimes.

Face of Fortune

'Miss ah, you the type who got no problem falling asleep one, but you also the type who get over anxious over a lot of things and get upset easily'.

So said the wise uncle who sees me walk my dog every morning.

Today I met wise uncle again. And so wise uncle said to me, 'Miss ah, your "wu guan" (facial features) very beautiful. You will live a good life".

Wah wah wah. So happening.

"you will never have to worry about not having food....."

Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. I was tempted to ask uncle if he seeing seafood soup in his vision of my future.

"Too bad you not a little taller, if you were, you will be really very wealthy".

Sigh. Damn. I blame my genes. Ok ok I try to do more yoga to lengthen my spine.

"When you have conflicts with people, or hate someone, you will hate them and ignore them for years to come".

Umm. No comments.

"Your love life is very fortunate. But you just don't bother much about pursuing it. Your mentality is if it comes it comes, it doesn't it doesn't. If you change your mindset and put more effort into pursuing love and happiness, a lot of men will fall at your feet".

O...K..... but what the heck am I gonna do with all these falling men?? And besides, who has the time? One mischievous bf is more than enough.

But then, when such wise words are imparted, it makes me happy of course. Who isn't when you are told you would never have to worry about food? Heehee.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to get rid of a guy in 2 mins

All is nice and well with no animal disasters. Or so I thought. And there we are C and myself sipping coffee and having conversation about where is good place to put money securely (on oneself) when travelling.

Me: you could put a waistpouch around your waist and under your shirt.
C: my tummy will get in the way. The shirt will ride up and expose my [sexy] tummy.
Me: Ok. How about wearing a small keg around your neck like a bernese mountain dog and stuffing money inside the keg?
C: .....[Long.Pregnant.Pause][Gives WW "the look"].
C (calmly): that is a Saint Bernard.
Me: Errr....(sheepish laugh).

Once again. Poor bf who so unfortunately happened to be battling a stuffed nose and a headache, with the misfortune to have an ill-timed conversation with a rather daft gf. Look on the bright side, gf seems to have a brilliant knack of inadvertantly causing animal misadventures whenever bf is suffering from headaches. At least this time he wasn't driving his car, but he did seriously look like he was contemplating committing suicide by caffeine overdose. It's comical when one's bf has an expression on his face that says "Kill me now. Please".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Karma Closet

So here it is. Finally after months of hard work Karma Closet is finally launched. Is this what happens when one gets an MBA and a yoga teaching certification in the same year? C would probably say, other people would launch a web even without having either mba or yoga cert so I'm not exactly being entrepreneurial here. But nevermind lah, at least I'm trying something different. Any proceeds here will go towards the Bis and Holly food fund (but more likely the Bis depression need to see shrink fund. Or the Hire an assassin to get rid of stupid dog fund).

Sunday, January 11, 2009


My latest discovery - music downloads and managing playlists. No doubts my friends are snickering. Yes yes I'm discovering this only millions of eons after napster was created and even 4 year olds know how to download music these days. But then, if people are still buying music these days, then there must be a million more dumb ignoramus like me out there. Ha ha.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do as Romans do

When in other countries, do as the locals do. About shopping. Strangely enough I don't have any appetite for high end or even department store shopping when overseas, and while my good friend is living the good life contributing to the economies of London and Paris, there I was at the mass hypermarts in the streets of Bangkok and Ho Chin Minh, my mind busy spinning out calculations of how much a bundle pack of toothpaste and sanitary napkins cost vs in Singapore. The secret of doing small time business in these countries is apparently to go to the hypermart to buy in bulk, loads of products at cheeep cheeeep cheeep prices (it's so cheap it's stunning), and then set up a stall selling them for another 10-20% markup. Not bad for a small time retailer. For the consumer like me, when faced with ridiculously cheap prices like this, do as the locals do. So there we were, my team and I, armed with bundles of toothpaste and pads enough for maybe 15 people for half a year. Uh huh, aunty mentality kicks in.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Transporter 3

If you want to watch a brainless action movie with a cheesy script, then Transporter 3 is it. No excuses for its thin plot and monologue conversation with equally monotonous tone, but hey, just focus on the incredible car chase and fight scenes by an equally incredibly well-built Jason Statham ok? His stunts puts Daniel Craig in James Bond to shame - look what he can do to bad guys with just his jacket, tie, shirt and belt. Too bad he didn't take off his pants to whup the badasses. And yes, he is BUILT with THE BODY. It's no wonder the freckled face female lead feels the need to say to him while looking him directly in the eye, "I want to feel sex one last time before I die".

As for the stunts, most of them are too incredible, but ok here's kudos to a great imagination. And oh by the way, maybe I have to rethink about buying a BMW, just watching this movie is steering me to the Audi. As C morosely complained, so they make (James Bond) movie with BMW, and this movie with Audi and even a Mercedes S-class looks lean and mean here. So why no one makes movie with Volvo??????