Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vision and Fantasy

Had lasik done and hey frankly, it ain't too bad. Just a little sad to be parted from my glasses which has been part of a good 20 yrs of my life (and one very nice frame from Japan only few months old). I casually mentioned to C, if it's possible one day for Holly to get lasik as well, since she's not much of a sighthound, and frankly does better as a nose-hound. Staring into the empty depths of Holly's eyes one can really see....blank pools of....nothingness. C of course, regretfully reminded me that though we may be able to lasik Holly, it ain't gonna do anything about the emptiness in her brain.



And so she continues to be a dumb blonde (err..redhead)....but hey, she's one happy dumb bimbo.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Women, Wallets, and Purses

Men don't understand why women need many bags, and many shoes. Men usually have 1, 2, or maybe 3. But when it comes to wallets, women only need one. Why? Because it's a hassle to change bags. Of course C still didn't get it...if women can change bags, what's so difficult about changing wallets?

so as I explained to C:

Me: Wallet is for putting cash and cards. Bag is to put wallet and other parang parang.
C: but you have many purses.
Me: yes but a purse is not necessary a wallet, though wallet can be a purse.
C: HUH?!
Me: Purse can also be a wallet, or a bag.
C: so you can have many bags or purses but 1 wallet? but the wallet can also be a purse?
Me: Yes.
C: So if a purse can be a wallet, so technically women have more than 1 wallet.
Me: purse can put many things, including cash, coins (hence coin purse), and other stuff like handphone, keys etc.
C: so it's a bag?
Me: yes, but a purse usually can vary in size small clutch to shoulder handbag. A bigger bag is not called a purse, can be called a carry-all, or a messenger or a tote.
C: so you can have many purses but still only 1 wallet?
Me: yes. a men's wallet can also be called a billfold....and a wallet with a chequebook pocket is called a pocketbook...
C: Argh argh argh!!!!!

I might be hopeless when it comes to animal types, but hey, when it's bags and shoes, i'm definitely one up from C. ha ha.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A lesson about 'vores

C was quite miffed I ate a cheeseburger at the mac party cuz as most would know, I've eliminated meat from my diet for over 8 months. So he complained it was never any fun eating with me cuz I wouldn't eat meat. And so started a conversation about carnivores and such.

C: herbivores are giant, stupid animals.
Me: no they are not. Vegetarians have clarity of mind, so that makes them smarter. A rabbit is a herbivore and it's small and smart.
C: herbivores eat really boring food.
Me: well since you eat veggies too, you're not a full carnivore. You're an omnivore.
C: I eat veggies for fun only. Ominivores eat it regularly as part of their diet.
Me (proudly and smartly): see, when you and I hang out. We're a Herbivore and Carnivore together. So we Omnivores!
C: Arrgh!! Dude!! A Carnivore and Herbivore do not an Omnivore make. Carnivores EAT Herbivores ok! You put a tiger together with a cow the tiger will eat the cow! The tiger and the cow are not going to get together and become omnivores.
C: argh argh head my head! (goes into coughing spasm)
Me: err...heeeheee...errr....
C: See! so there's my point that Herbivores ARE stupid!

ah well. Maybe I should watch more animal planet....

Birthday Party

My first macdonald's birthday party. Though it was at my friend's house not at MacD's (apparently macD islandwide is fully booked way in advance for bday parties), still, I guess I can be counted as one of those kids (ignore the fact that I am grownup) who did have a MacD party. We celebrated the bdays of 2 kids and 2 adults, I think the kids had the most fun, and my hosting friend fed us like she was afraid tomorrow there will be a food shortage in the world. And then she asks me how to reduce the roll of fat at the waist? Err, dude, just cut back in cheesecakes okie?

C had commented that the ultimate MacD party for him would be that he book ALL the macD venues for the special day and no one else but him will be there. That way he gets the best attention and all the toys and play equipment to himself.

Amongst my pressies is my very first Hermes. Wahh....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Happy Valentine's day. This year C and I managed to spend it together, because ....

C: let's hang out on valentine's day
me: huh?
C: well since I usually spend it with mom and mom is not well this year so I can't take her out, I'll hang out with you
me: Umm ok. Since you put it that way.

So there it was, rare valentine gathering by a twist of events. We took the dogs to the park - as we get older we seem to want to hang out less but spend more 'family time'. So yes, C and I, bis and holly (though bis could well do without holly) having a nice picnic at the park. Bis is getting older, fatter, and slower even when he runs. Holly, well, is just as stupid.

Me (pointing bis to C who is 100m away): Bis, go!
Bis speeds away towards C.
Me (pointing holly to chase after bis): Holly, chase bis!
Holly looks at me blankly. Wags her tail.
Me: Holly, go!!
Holly wags her tail some more. Looks at me with big big blank eyes.
Meanwhile Bis returns from his second run. Holly obviously hasn't gone anywhere.

Doesn't get any smarter as time goes by. But they are family and we love them anyway. Waddles or not. I even got a Vday pressie. Awwwww.......

Friday, February 13, 2009


When I was a kid, I love getting presents. Still love getting them now. In fact I don't think anyone minds getting a present (or a few). Presents for girls are easy to buy. For boys...gosh. I tried shopping for 2 little boys this evening, and these 2 kids are probably the most well loved and luckiest kids in the world who have almost everything. One of them is fast on his way to being owner of everything ELC. So, what do you buy for kids who have everything?

Maybe it's not such a bad thing to be poorer and more deprived. Guess what, my very first macdonald's birthday party coming up. Took over 3 decades for me to get one, well, though not at the mac venue (all are apparently fully booked...I thought we are in gawddamn recession!). But hey, a birthday party is always fun.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pearl of the Orient

2nd business trip to HK since joining the new company. 2nd time it was just a period of mad rush, mad stress, mad everything. Together with the unfortunate timing of having caught a cold just the night before the trip.....well, that means no time or energy to shop. Mad shame since the Excelsior where I was staying is right smack in the middle of causeway bay and a stone's, no, a pebble, no, a tissue paper's throw away from throngs of shopping mall. At least HK isn't on sale right now, else I would have thrown my sick, weak body on the pavement and just beat on the stone pathway in frustration and fall into absolute irrecoverable depression. There were even 2 yoga studios 2 mins away from the hotel. Aww man.

At least this time I managed to get some decent HK food , AND dessert.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Signs of Recession?

Some signs that recession are showing?

1. when tah-pauing leftover prata from foodcourt, a colleague asked the prata stall for additional curry for takeaway. The response is, pay extra for more curry, or take plastic bag and pour leftover curry from lunch to take away.

2. same foodcourt. I ordered b'fast set (eggs/kaya toast/drink) and asked for Teh C. Girl said, Teh C not allowed, only Kopi or Teh. I said I will pay more for the "C", she still insist No. Can I change to Milo? no. Only can Teh or Kopi. Give up.

3. McDonald's now has a lunch time McValue lunch meal for $4. Whoa.

But then, Tiffany's is apparently not recession proof.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

K-drama resurrection

Yes I'm back on again. Having just spent 6 hrs with my butt plastered to the sofa, taking only toilet breaks not even mealbreaks and ignoring even my bf's phonecalls. Well it's 6 hrs (not counting the 6 hrs yesterday) watching a rather morbidly serious K-drama where almost everyone dies. Man, it's rather depressing, especially when the characters are good looking people. There it is - we never seem to have problems when ugly characters die, but only the pretty or handsome ones. Bwah. The plot is good, well paced but maybe 2 episodes too long, and good looking cast. Next time I'll remember to choose to watch a happier show especially a day before my birthday. Ah what heartache.