Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just a few comments...

1. Hugh Jackman - gawd, so sexy. Drool factor 10/10.
2. Scarlet Johanssen has a wide butt.
3. Woody Allen is damn funny. (and how can a guy who looks like THAT get a wife 1/2 his age? And she was his adopted daughter....sheessh).
4. According to C, the local legislation states that one's Will is only effective, or can be executed 3 yrs after one's death. HUH??! That means Bis and Holly will be homeless and destitute for 3 yrs? Or worse still, Slick may farm them both out to the SPCA as slave labour and they both have to lick cages clean for a living. Eeeuuw.
5. I'm contacting my lawyer on #4.
6. Wait, what will happen to Codie when I die??
7. Alright, Slick shall be buried/cremated with me when I move to the nether world. At least I won't be lonely (did I just hear something yell, 'Nooooooooooo.......!!' at the corner of my bed)? hmmm.

1 comment:

cows dun eat fish said...

okok.. so i was mis informed... alamak!.. kena conned by a lawyer! i should have known..

Hmm crematte you?.. with all your flammable make up and nail polish? That would make a really nice fire!!... oooo!!.. but i dun think slick wanna go wif you... This one you go alone kiddo!! hee hee!.. slick shall then rule the world! at most bitsy can go wif you!! she make good fire wood!!

Tank looks really nice now... lotsa green.. hmm i remember i bought 30 cardinal tetras.(the blue and red ones).. now macham only got 5 left.. maybe snow white had midnight snacks

cows dun eat fish!