Saturday, February 09, 2008

What a difference a smile makes

So I resolve to be less grim and eccentric, I try. C laughed when I said I was doing the yoga teacher training, he said I was prob the most un-zen person he knows of, prob students would be too afraid to take my class.

Prana Vinyasa class with Franck is always fantastic, the mood is great, the flow is awesome. People always come out of his class in an excellent mood. I resolved to be more open, more friendly, I actually braved and chatted up some people I've seen around in class but never made friends with. Voila, no hardship there. Even collected 1 new phone number. Went down to toast for lunch and bumped into shambhala yoga friend, who intro me to another friend, who intro me to another friend. I collected another new phone number. Clearly, today is meet new friends day, even bumped into Yvette who's out for a day with her hubby and family.

Went shopping to buy Joshua's present. The thing is, don't know how but ended up spending more on me at the store than his present. Once again I must have SUCKER on my forehead, otherwise how else could I spend over $100 on a jacket for myself at a KIDS' boutique???? To think I hesitated for 2 months on buying a lulu yoga top which would set me back by $90. Irony of it is, I went off to Raoul to buy a $100+ belt which I saw at the display window. It's clearly 20x overpriced but I liked it anyway.

Aiyah. Sucker.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

It's the Lunar New Year today. CNY these past years are very much non-events as well. CNY eve? Gosh, all of us were home, and all had our dinners (or take outs) separately, each did our own thing. Not quite the usual family reunion, but then, we're also not quite a normal family. I spent today going to yoga, movie and hanging out with Nic rather than visiting. Really not sure what's the purpose of visiting anymore, same old questions, same people, same talk, and all married cousins can talk about is "how's work", and the antics of their children. OK it's probably me, as I get older, I get more eccentric, stiff upper lipped and emotion-incapable. In yoga today I could hardly do backbends properly because shoulders are so tight, shoulders are always tight. Arun (and few other teachers) say, its because we're holding too much emotion. We have to let go, let go. The key is surrender.

On the bright side, spending the day out on CNY aint' too bad. Starbucks was blissfully quiet (I LOVE IT!!), orchard road is like deadtown (YAY!!!), the the only place that was a buzz of human activity is actually Borders.

Here's Hootie and his CNY celebration dinner. Even the animals get their day.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Twas my birthday yesterday, what a non-event that was. Sadly, I must have dropped off the face of the earth on my friends' contact list, no one remember to wish me happy birthday, no friends, no colleagues. Even started the day arguing with the taxi driver. Even had lunch alone. Of course, I used every excuse then to shop, spend $ on myself and bought myself a few trinkets. Though lots of credit had to be given to C, poor dude was as sick as a dog, and drowsy from medication and lost his voice completely. Yet he struggled to spend the rest of the day hanging out with me (and of course, had to tolerate my crappy mood from a lousy day). Guess that's what bfs are really for - being super sweet and tolerant when necessary (which is ALWAYS, ha ha) and rescuing damsels from bad days and taxi drivers.

By the end of the day, I did get 2 bday wishes, one each from ex-boss and ex-colleague. Well, I guess bis and holly would count too.