Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Heart of a Yoga

Spent the entire weekend at Mark Whitwalls "Advancing your yoga" workshop. What I thought would be a no holds barred, bust your chops (and flabby arse) type of class turned out to be primarily a lecture and yoga discussion. No wonder very few signed up for this workshop - I was surprised, and then not, cuz most yoga students are only interested in asana, and not prana. Mark brought us back to Yoga 101 - that yoga is from the heart, and not the bastardized modern day version of now what has become 'american gymnastics'. How true, that yoga is for yourself, not about emulating and huffing and puffing our way to what we think is the 'idea' pose which we all try to achieve. If we can't do a pose, we can't. It's simply the journey there using bandhas and breath that counts. Speaking of bhandas, I think I have finally figured out my mula and uddiana bhandas. For the first time ever since I remembered, I was able to experience the elusive uddiana. If nothing else, this workshop has taught me how to engage the lock, by pure and simple breathing. Also for the first time, I felt how Bakasana with uddiana engaged made such a big difference.

Of course, slothful cow that I am, as it was mostly lecture and talks during the entire 12 hr workshop, there were times I almost nodded off to sleep. During the last 2hrs of the workshop, I was haunted by repeated images of dessert at the soba restaurant at paragon. Tea time was until 5.30pm where they had a $5 dessert promo. Whilst everyone else was intensely deep breathing, I was raring for workshop to end so I could dash out for dessert. Not exactly a very zen thing. Let's just say that if I were at the gates of God's kingdom, and there was a sign that says "This way to Heaven", and on the opposite side was a sign that said, "Beautiful Jap desserts for $5", no prizes for guessing which way my flabby arse will be heading for.

I made it to dessert 10 mins before 5.30pm. Dessert plus a pot of tea and only $5.55 poorer! I was ecstatic....but wait until my flabby arse tells me otherwise. Ah well. At the heart of this cow at that moment was only the image of dessert.

OM Dessert....


Lysithea said...

Well, yoga teaches you to listen to your body, seems like you've definitely achieved that highest zen state!


So dessert good ah? Will go and try ... which soba place is it? The one at the basement? Is it available on weekdays? Novena Bakers Inn on weekdays aft also got cake + one drink for very cheep (can't remember, maybe 5 or 6?) ... Had the blackforrest + chocolate milk! Very very worth it!! :P

cows like Jelly said...

Cow says the perfect way to Nirvana, is to mediatate on pratas and pizzas.. make that your prana and that way, one will achieve makansutra and be one with the tummy. what!! you mean you spent 12hrs a day for the WHOLE weekend just so hat someoen can tell you that what everyone is dooing is B/S and you shoul dnot bother with them and if you can't do something, then dun do it? (not very positive thinking)... and that the true path to Zen is where you once began?.. as in whatever you have learnt you have to unlearn to achieve nirvana!! (What this guy wrote the Matrix triology issit?).. Awww man my head hurts now!!

So in order to cure my headache, i should do NOTHING.. cuz my head is suppose to hurt and i am supposed to enjoy it?.. Mann!!!

At least you had a happy tummy at $5.50!.. so if thats your focus at YOGA.. NO WONDER you have a jelly butty!!

Cows like Jelly!!