Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why Therapists are profitable

If I had to give a dollar for therapy for everytime I got mad, then my therapy bank would have hundreds of thousands of dollars by now. Actuallly everyone needs therapy. People may not know it but we all have therapists. I have several - spa, yoga, some extent dogs...and most importantly (and one that has profited immensely from me) ...retail therapy. Everytime I'm in a strange mood, Tiffany become slightly richer. Or Tods. Or some other well-deserving shop.

Nic said it, I shop too much. I walk by a store and see the SALE sign, I cannot resist. I buy something I don't really need, it's pretty anyway. My wallet bulges with all the charge slips. I gap at the bills when the bank statement arrives. And the cycle starts again.

Let's see, what made me mad this week. Citibank (lack of) service wins hands down. Used to love Citibank, now I hate them as much as AMEX. I'm a loyal, big spending, prompt paying customer who would never owe them a dollar. What do such loyal customers get in return? Sucky service. People like C, on the other hand, who treats his bills completely opposite of how I would treat mine, get better service than me. Even his expired muji stamp card can still continue to be used.....muji says out of goodwill. Yeah, goodwill obviously is lacking at Citibank. Well the lack of goodwill cost me a pretty penny....I am now the proud owner of a brand new crystal ring (yes yes alarm bells ringing furiously, but I could not resist it), and a brand new pair of shoes.

Bank account is probably a sickly yellow by now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Guess karma is no good this year. Or the fengshui in my office. Somehow or other the elements in my horoscope or earthly-watery-fiery-airy signs must be at conflict. Another one bit the dust....another one of my precious ring (from a fast dwindling collection). Maybe it didn't like me, for it slipped off my fingers whilst I was washing my hands, and fell to the floor in a deathly shatter. What was once stunning beautiful swarovski ash crystal is now dust in several bits and itsy pieces. Ouch. Total surviving ring count after this fatality = 3.

Deep sigh.

The plan for aircon installation aint' seem to be working either. Somehow the idiot salesman at courts where bro bought the goods failed to mention that each hdb flat only allowed 1 goddamn compressor. Mom already has one unit in her room. To get ours installed we have to remove hers. To install new aircons for all 3 of us means the power distribution will be amongst 3 units instead of 2. Simple mathematics dictate each of us will receive lesser output than desired, since godforsaken HDB regulations stipulate a max allowance on the compressor unit.

Does anyone have a good solution for hot days? Other than eating bucketloads of ice cream or walking around naked. Huh.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hello Digital

Finally I've gone and done it. Swapped the SCV set top boxes to the digital ones. I've resisted for the longest time....the boxes I had were the originals, since 10 years ago when SCV was first installed. Tried to hold on to them till the very end, and resisted upgrading; there is some pride in telling people I'm one of those still on the old ancient analog boxes of grandmother era. But alas they too will eventually fail of old age, as one box gave up and died. Ah well, it's been a good 10 years. Now there's something called a hdtv set top box set..... my motto is....resist till the very end! In fact, C got me a flat screen plasma tv. Frankly, I can't see what the heck the fuss it's all about. Yes it's flat as an AA-cup bra, but what's the big deal? The old bulky fat gigantic lumpy space-taking heavy tv worked just fine. Sharper pictures? Errr...don't see any. Guess I'm one of those resist technology is evil and will take over the world some day. Blah blah blah. But then, my karma with technology hasn't been good since age 24. Somehow my techno-touch just upped and died like a wilted flower. Ever since then, it's bad luck everytime I get a new techno gadget. Even the new ipod C got me doesn't work, cuz it needed new software on the PC. Tried to install software only to be told the PC cannot handle it.n Somehow in the process I lost all the iTunes music. C fixed it, but now the old ipod cannot work on the PC. No new ipod and no old ipod. It's like...wahlaueh... you get what I mean.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

'Tis the season to be smelly

Smelly season time, and no I don't mean my dogs. It's the DD season - dreaded durians. Super yum. C and I got to our fav combat durian stall at balestier and were immensely pleased at the pungent, nearly alcoholic bitter without that irritating hint of sweetness fruit that we had. Well worth $25 spent, and just enough to get me craving for more. I recognize the start of the DD addiction, yes I can see it now, every weekend will be spent heading down to the stall for more of the bitter stuff. Like a deja vu of last year (has it been a year already?!). Think I better increase my durian budget this year to $500 .....(wait a min, that's like a pair of TOD'S shoes!!!). Horrors.

Tod's vs Durians. Uh oh. Is there an economist out there who can show me the math of which gives more utility and satisfaction???? Argh.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

More comments on shit

Yesterday as C and I were cruising home after Gangster 3 (literally cruising, since the petrol tank was almost empty), we finally floated our way to the SPC station. Turns out there was about half litre of petrol left in the tank, we could probably go another 5km before the car emptied out. That's C for you, always testing limits. He always wanted to find out what its like having an empty petrol tank in Spore. He does that all the time because he knows it drives me nuts, I don't take risks and I start yelling at him to stop by the next damnable petrol station whatever brand that is. But nooooo....he only wants SPC. Yep just loves getting my heckles up.

Now on the shit thing, I blithely commented that one day someone could invent a car that is runs organically, i.e on animal poo. Shit would be recycled and the Earth would be saved. Bis and Holly poo can finally be put to good use. Of course, C gave me a dirty look (no pun intended) and reminded me how much poo both dogs would need to produce in order to get a decent car running - we'd probably have to stop every 15 mins because we ran out of poo in the tank and we'd have to yell, "come on Holly! Poo now!", or "hey Bis, stop taking your own time, we don't have all day!". Hmm, come to think of it, and maybe even run over to the car next to us and trade for poo. Wow, that could be a whole new commodity - the Poo Index finally has a new meaning. And it's certainly dirty business.

Welcome members, time to go apeshit.....

Borders just launched their membership programme. For this weekend, new members get 30% off everything. EVERYTHING. Except multimedia. But who cares. Obviously I went apeshit. I skipped meditation to head down to the store, plonk down my details and went away with my new shiny gold (members) card. I had a basket with me, and in went business books, novels, magazines. All in all over $220 dollars, but with a whopping $70 savings down to $150. The only slight pause at the cookery section - I was in a dilemma over my growing cookbook collection, and also my intent to be more organic and vegetarian in my diet. Guess 28 cookbooks is good enough for now, not that I have time anyway to even cook instant noodles. But I am a happy camper this evening. 30% storewide is like a banner from heaven. Whooeeeee.

Yesterday we went to see My Wife is a Gangster 3. This show is damn hilarious. Weak plot, but hey, with ShuQi there, nevermind. But the show stealers surely must be the Korean lead, and the female Korean translator. I was in stiches, even the girl next to me kept glancing at me in agape fascination as I laughed my head off in what probably seemed to her as unladylike fashion. Who cares.

Ape moo.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Dog and the Car

What does Holly and a BMW cabriolet have in common? Let's see:

Holly, BMW
Stunning Good looks 1 , 1
Fast as the devil 1 , 1
Lacks brains 1 , 1*
Eats a lot 1 , 1**
Very expensive 1 , 1
Scrap after 10yrs 1 , 1

(*uh huh, the GPRS is really stooopid)
(**uh huh uh huh, thirsty thing)

Well at least the BMW does not pee everywhere in the balconey and produce copious amounts of poo. But then again, at least Holly does not need parking space. She can sleep everywhere.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Just an (extra)ordinary sunday

This sunday was certainly a different one. Started with yoga workshop with Stephen T., me bad, signed up for a full weekend but ended attending only 50%. Body was sore and I was happy to head off to PS Cafe at Dempsey with C, which turned out to be a fabulous (albeit expensive) choice. Dempsey certainly has its charm, in a quaint, old english way. Too bad you can quickly see that it is turning into a commercial development, like they say, to rival Holland V. Food at PS was certainly good, but it was the view, the lush view that was more enchanting than anything else. Wasn't able to catch a movie, so managed to convince C to join me at foot reflex. We scoured far east shopping centre in search of a sleazy joint for massage but alas, none to be found. How disappointing. Ended up at footworks instead. But ahhhhhh.......what a treat for a sore body and tired legs. Nuah is the word. Detoured back to dempsey again for a durian hit. It's start of season, so the bittergood stuff ain't quite there yet. The fruit we had was a little above average, but not satisfying enough. I will patiently await. Yum.

Came home and heard giggles of conversation in the bathroom. I roll my eyes. C decided to loudly shout, "Wen! I need an OJ..." and we both snickered our way to the kitchen where we loitered a little, before C loudly announcing, "I'm going back to the room now...". Needless to say, any conversations and giggles in the bathroom ceased for all of that time. Damn evil, but snickeringly entertaining. Wahahahhahhahahahaa.