Monday, October 09, 2006

Rat 1: Dogs 0

The Daily Rat Index is back! In a no holds barred match of Dogs vs Rat, clearly Rat had the upper hand (or feet, or whiskers, or tail....errr...). My dogs smell a rat from 100 metres off, no kidding. And when they smell one, they zoom off at warped speed, leaving me to breathe in their dust (or doggy fart). Tonight, it was a tough one - the rat was big, maybe the local rodent version of Hulk Hogan. I suppose the rat population might have convened a 'family gathering' ala mafia style, discussed the dog vs rat situation at length, and opted for 'Uncle Hulk' to represent them in the final showdown. In the long drawn battle lasting a good 30mins, I think Rat must have managed to take a few successful swipes at Bis, for I heard him yelp repeatedly and loudly a few times (kinda like dog version of "Ouch! Bloody asshole!"). Holly clearly had less of a clue what was going on, but she figured out enough to nip at Rat now and again. Of course there was one hilarious moment when Rat clearly must have launched an attack on Holly too, because she yelped and jumped some 1/2 metre into the air, did a half twist (sorta like competitive diving) and landed on all fours again. I wouldn't say she could qualify for the Bolshoi ballet wasn't very elegant. 30mins into the fight and seeing how my dogs weren't exactly on the winning side, I decided to call off the match. Except 100m way later, Bis clearly decided he wasn't about to give up, and zoomed off into the field again to launch a second attack. Didn't exactly win that one either.

On a separate note, it's OOPS I DID IT AGAIN. No, not jap dessert, but spending $$ where I don't really need. So I went for the Origins mushroom facial (ha ha, no, they don't grow mushrooms on my face) and had $70 to offset against purchases. I was happy with what I redeemed for $70 when I spotted a large sign at the cashiers that said, "Free with purchase of $150 and above" - it was a pouch with a large sized Ginger wash. I was sold. Hopeless. Even though there was a feeble mental attempt to realise that I had to spend another $80 in retail to get a $30 ginger wash which I didn't really need, my weak inner self prevailed. What was that yesterday in the workshop about listening to my body? Yeah. Ok, so now I have a few more useless I-don't-really-need-these toiletries in my drawer stash. So there.

OM weak heart.


Cows dun shop said...

MAN!!! you're right.. they must have sent a mobster hit rat on your doggies... i smell a slick ploy... o=you never know with that guy!.. But alas, porr biz has that as his only entertainment for the day... and holly gotta disturb him too!... mannn... suckie...

Hmm a vctim of retail therapy again huh?.. or was it Retail ambush!!... i tell you what.. maybe we shoudl get you a nice Ikea Display cupboard to act like a trophy display and then you can line up all teh great deals you got and the times you had to fell to such pressure!!... sorta like a 'war chest' of victories and scalps!!

THEN you can proudly wonder.. HUH?.. why do i need a enuff nail polish that i can never finish using..even enuff for the mortitian!! hee hee!!But then again, men have our car mags and porno.. why do we keep needing more?.. hee hee...

Lysithea said...

Ya, the nice Ikea Display cupboard is going cheap at $99 only!

Did you get the origins stuffs during the Beauty Bonus at Isetan? I got mine during the private sale, and topped up to get double stamps and vouchers. You really don't want to know how much I spent and all those useless stuffs I've got! hahaha.