Saturday, May 26, 2007

The TV is mightier than the Keyboard

Q: Why has Downward Dog's blog been neglected for several weeks?
A: Wuxia drama addict rise again.

Anyone who is a fan of Jin Yong will know this guy writes the best wuxia novels. Most of them got made into tv dramas anyway. Now, I got caught up with the latest china remake of Bixue Jian. Relatively unknown cast butbutbutbutbutbut the fighting sequences are really damn good. One of the best I've seen in a long time. Finally could not resist so had to rent the entire series from the store so I could finish it ahead of slow-poke SCV ch55. :P

Oh it's that good. I hardly went yoga, I finished work promptly as much as I could, so I could sit my big arse at the sofa for 3-4hrs nighty till 1am, happy as a lark. Took me all of 4 days to finish 20 eps. Pretty good record.

Of course, now that Jin Yong drama fever is back, I got myself the entire rental set of Flying Fox from the store too. But aiyah, sequence, hero and cast is not as compelling as BXJ. Yawn.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Great Eruption

An eruption of epic proportions today. Mt Vesuvius @ Kim Keat ave style. Massive spreads of grossly stinky, wet, odiferous, stench gaggging blobs of 'molten lava' in piles everywhere from the balconey to the living room to the kitchen to to the dining area. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. That was the scene that greeted me as I stepped out of my room at 7am this morning. 2 sheepish looking iggys looking up at me with big blinking yet guilty eyes.

I had to spend 30 back breaking perspiring minutes cleaning up every glob, wet and dry. Copious amounts of dettol and bleach were used. Rose candle was exercised in full force to counteract stench poison. Euuuw. Major euuuw. My gf says changing diapers for her precocious Lenny is nasty business and she tries to avoid it. Well when one has dogs, cleaning diapers for babies is like a walk in the park. Dog owners in the shit cleaning business for at least 10 years. Lenny had better start potty training now if she doesn't want to change diapers anymore.

Went looking for the butter pound cake Veron had baked for me after the vesuvius messs was contained. Only to find the brown paper bag on the floor, a whole in the corner, and the alumnium pound cake tray that once held a butter pound cake now poundcake-less. The plastic lid was off. It took no genius to put two and two together to realise one or both of the vesuvius perps actually got onto the dining table some how, dragged the paper bag to the floor and ate everything. Which is why vesuvius erupted. ARRRRGHHH. Con says it's their Happy Mother's Day present to me. Man, if one could see the look on my face.

Poundcake-less Tiffany-less Moo.


Lost my square Tiffany ring. Not even sure how and when. It was there and then it wasn't there. Man, what a heartache. $400+ down the sink (had a sinking feeling it slipped off my fingers after I washed my hands). Arrrghhh. It's a beautiful piece, but to replace it...gawd, means I'd have to sacrifice some Tod's shopping budget or a vacation budget. Arrgh. Decisions decisions.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Heavy Burden

Extra 5kg is no lightweight matter. As I soon realised in yoga, an extra 5kg makes handstands, push ups, upward dogs, and even jumping through is so much harder when the butt is one heavy pendulum swinging things around and throwing me off balance. Skinny arms didn't grow weight proportion to how the butt and tummy grew, so ouch, man, that 5kg sure feels heavy. Not to mention when one's yoga teacher is making adjustments to one's posture, she had to slide her hands to my belly to remind me to tuck my tummy in. Errrp, how embarressing. Super malu. Aiyah.

Speaking of 5kg, the Bis is reallly looking like an old man with a bald spot and a paunch. And his heavy burden means he aint' no light fleetfooted IG no more. And it shows. He can't even catch up with Holly when chasing her, and gets winded after a 5 sec chase. Alamak. Even Con says Bis is looking like a sorry miserable old hound. He chipped another of his tooth again, and one other tooth had started to decay. Bad mommy, cuz she hasn't been brushing his teeth. I have to admit, there was a heck lot of grime accumulated at the underside of his teeth when I finallly took the toothbrush to him. Even the toothpaste had expired from lack of use. Aww man.

Bad Mommy OM.