Monday, October 16, 2006

Facing up to Reality

...needs to happen when one puts on the pants purchased from a recent $400 Isetan shopping spree, to find that the pants are a little too tight. when one puts on another pair of hipster pants, only to find that it's gotten so tight it's riding up to the crotch, and one cannot eat too much because a full tummy strains at the buttons.

...and the straw that broke the camels back is when one puts on her beloved Tiffany & Co. ring, but finds extreme difficulty in trying to remove it from the finger without the help of lotion or soap, because the fingers have become 'fat'.

Man, I love my jap desserts. It's my new obsession since chinese dramas no more. But maybe it's time to relook at my un-zen diet. Sigh.

1 comment:

cows dun drive said...

How can you get fat till your fingers swell???!!!..wahhh!! imagine your butty!!...
I think you have water retention lah!!..where got eat jap desert sooo siong... but then look what has happened to me!! i tot jap deserts were low fat??!!.. you ate the sumo version issit?

Ya ya.. you vegetarian.. SURE... what did you have for dinenr tonight?????!! sa po fan... and you STOLE ALL The KIAM HEE!!!.. i dun believe i ate 5 bowls and only had a tiny sliver of kiam hee!!.. i have been ROBBED!!.. hmmm shall we report the store to CASE?... i bet tehre is an iso standard for the amount of kiam hee... i complain!!..

And is it wrong to WATER BOMB the parking aunty?... i sware at 9pm she should take a break and go home!! she must have made easily $100 from me so far this year!!.. or i should tie biz to the car with a sign saying.. me not halal!!... so she won't come near!! that why evil skll car dissappeared?!!...