Thursday, October 12, 2006

Big mouth no more

Went to the dentist today for my regular polishing and mentioned to him about my 'off the joint' jaw problem on the left. Apparently it's pretty normal, due to wear and tear of the ligament. Most have it at some point in time, some more severe than others. Apparently I must have had a minor dislocation which was why I wasn't able to open my mouth for weeks to even slot a spoonful in. Dentist's advice? Don't yawn too widely (which I do), don't laugh with mouth extra wide open (which I do), don't chew too hard (I don't, I'm semi vegetarian now, yeah?). And oh yeah, eventually the wear and tear will occur on the right side too. It's only natural (whaaaaaattt!!!?).

Moral of the story? I will either be slacked jawed before I'm 40, or start chewing sideways like cows do when they munch grass. And oh, I better start mastering the art of sucking food through a straw. Yeah.

One thing for sure now, better not eat any steaks. Good news is, I can still eat durian puffs, and I had no qualms downing 8 of those really fresh puteri mas babies. Yum. I can see my arse now, baby.

Oh one last thing, C's lawyer must be some quack. Now we're all pretty sure Bis and Holly won't be destitute and homeless after all. But oh, Slick will still be buried with me (another loud yell of "Noooooooooo......!!!!") from the corner of my bed.

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cows drool! said...

SO!!! thats why there as no longer teh smell of durian puffs!! they all live in your tummy now!!... wahhh!!

Funny that.. if you can't open your mouth....hmmmm... me thinks lotsa of DISADVANTAGES here!!... well, at least you won't gulp so much haze... or ... you can eat through a straw... or... liquid diet...'ve been yelling too much at biz and holly....hmm what happens when both jaws get busted?.. transplant?.. hee hee.. imagine if they did an animal transplant.. and gave you a duck jaw!! hee hee donald duckie wen!!... or .. if they gave you a bull dog jaw...owww!... or... a giraffe jaw!... minus the height. just like y our T-shirt!! hee hee.. i LAUGH!!!

Anyways... mayeb you should use your jaw less!!! and scold me less!! haha!..

er.. if your jaw is how to contain all the drool???...ewww!

cows drool!