Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

It's halloween. I went shopping for deco so that we could dress up our cubicles. Needless to say it got a lot of attention in the office and won praises from people who were not creative enough to think to decorate their own cubicles. ha ha.
Dress code is gothic today, so I borrowed some ugly black top from mom and my own cop copine pants. Plus the gothic makeup, very grunge and black-dorothy like. Too bad no red pointy shoes. Gave the cleaning lady a shock when she came by to clean the house. A girl at the lift lobby made an immediate beeline for the stairs when she saw me. A mom hugged her 2 kids tightly to her when I stepped into the lift. Ah well, guess that means the outfit is working.

Even Slick got into the mood. I sewed his costume on the way to work in the cab. Not bad eh?


2 said...

Slick is sooooooooooooOOOOoooooo cute!!! :)


Holy cow, its scary said...

wah lau!! you came out of the lift like dat sure people scared mah!! esp when the show the grunge just came out!!... you should have let your hair down long and cover y our face!! wahhh scary!! or actually, slcik looks even more scary!!! wahh!! excellent work on the slick.. altho i tot his personal tailors were either D&G or Hugo Boss.. but bispoke tiloring is what slicks likes best!.. now i bet he doesn't want to take it off!!.. hmmm he sorta looks like a sith lord (as in darth Vader, Darth Maul from star wars)...he EVIL!!... but the prob is people dun run away from him, they think he cute (just like 2 says).

Nice job with the cubby hole..only who gonna clean it up?.. and i hope you dun have clients visiting.. they think you guys have old cob webbie furniture!!

Bwak ahhh ahhh says the slick! he go scare holly!