Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's an incurable disease. K-drama addiction is back. Even worse, I've discovered the joy of downloading and watching online. No more having to spend $$$$ at video rental store. Ohmygawd now I know how a gambling addict feels. MBA project deadline is looming, yet I've barely put words on paper. I watch K-drama till my eyes water. Even my mac's speakers have busted. C was brave enough to buy a cable to hook up to my stereo so sound could live again. Lately have even taken to skipping yoga classes so I can watch k-drama....aiiiieeeeeeee...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Gawd. 10hrs. In a chair. I'm addicted again. Not K-drama, but C-drama (C=Chinese). Worse of all, even too lazy to go to the store to rent dvd, so end up downloading 30 eps. Sat in the chair for 10hrs to watch all 30 eps. Only time away for pee break. That's what pain in the butt means.

Kept promising myself to start on my mba project. But errr.....kept getting distracted. I promise to start as soon as this ep is finished! (err...yeah right).

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Wow, a month since my last blog entry. Let's see, been to HK and back. Ate lots. Added more inventory to my bulgeoning cosmetic stash (which i hardly use, and have to throw away lots recently). Started yoga teacher training course, week 4 already. HUH! Dogs continue to stink, Bis still pees on himself, Holly still stupid. They did get their annual (or once in 3 yrs) vaccination though. Hated going to the vet of course (them, not me). Bought more new clothes (no surprise), more new books (no surprise). Con complains why do I buy books I never read, and leave them in shrinkwraps. My ans, just in case I need to read them. For rainy days. Ha ha.

Topic of interest - Doggie Olympics. Contenders: Bis & Holly. Who will most likely win? Bets below.

Winner of High Jump. Holly.
Winner of Long Jump. Biscuit.
Target & fetch. Biscuit.
Fastest to finish 5kg of food. Holly.
Fastest to produce 5kg of poo. Holly.
Fastest to spot a cat and catch it. Neither (both dogs will run away when cats start hissing).
Most likely to defend owner in times of enemy encroachment. Neither (bis runs away first, holly wags tail at enemy & continues to look stupid).