Wednesday, October 18, 2006

She Drives me Crazy

...what was that song from the 80s (or was it 90s), that goes like this:

She drives me Crazy
Like no one else
She drives me Crazy
But I can't help myself....

yeah, that's what Bis will sing, and even Codie. Yes the song is about Holly. Whoever wrote that song back then must have known Bis and Codie would land in this situation someday. Codie has been nabbed repeatedly in the past few days; on Saturday when I went to market, I made sure to hide Codie under a few pillows and piled my laundry on top of the pillows. When I got home mom told me, laundry was strewn all over the floor, and pillows mussed, and Codie was found in the living room. That same day, after I came out from the shower, Codie was found on the floor again. On tues, taking advantage of the cleaning lady being here, Codie was once again kidnapped. What is it about Codie that could make Holly sniff him out from layers of hiding place???

As for Bis, well, we know Holly drives him crazy all the time. 'Nuff said. If Bis was human, I bet 101% he's gay. Yesterday was his 4th birthday, he seemed to know it and looked happy for once. Today he's back to his usual mulling sullen angst-filled self once more. As he ages, he becomes more and more ball-less (ok ok so he's already ball-less), as in, he's a total wimp. He doesn't socialise with other dogs anymore, and prefers to RUN home when he spots others from afar. Holly on the other hand, is as fearless as she is clueless. Actually, the only thing Bis is friendly with these days are the members of the Rat family living in the big field at Kim Keat Ave. Maybe he's cranky from not having rats to play with in the past couple of days, wouldn't be surprised if rats died of bad-air inhalation given the bad haze these days.

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cows dun stress said...

i think Biz needs to see a shrink.. he has deep rooted issues caused by Holly... traumatised... and in that same instance... so is Codie!... er.. the dogs in your house are going holly crazy!!

You reckon that biz has a deal with teh rats?.. do you notice that they only attack holly with success?.. biz hardly yelps!.. tis holly that gets it!... maybe its a rat mob!.. biz called a contract hit on holly!!.. oo the plot thickens!!..

cows dun stress