Thursday, August 31, 2006

Addiction, it's so good.

I am most displeased, I really am. Having to go to school till 10pm these days means.....I MISS MY CABLE TV CHINESE DRAMA!!! Arrgh. With the project discussions going on, we work through 10.40pm and sometimes 11pm, so when I get home I only catch the last 20mins of "Last Breakthrough". Totally miffed I don't get to watch "Revolving Doors" whole of this week, argh. I had to wake up at 6.15am these past days so I can catch the Breakthrough rerun, but Doors' rerun is at the ungodly 1.20am (no way I can do that) or 4am (even worse) so really miffed about missing Doors. Double Argh.

If they only had a module in my mba about Chinese Drama serials, I'm sure to ace the exams and assignments, no doubt. Hmm, ok maybe I could write a thesis about "Chinese dramas - more addictive than Subutex?". Wonder if anyone thought about setting up a counselling centre for addicted drama enthusiasts? Would there be a lot of patients? If they sold dark circle eye creams at the counselling centre I bet that would be a hit. But most important, at the waiting area of the centre, must have GIGANTIC plasma tv screen airing the most recent highly-rated HK or China drama series. Fwahahahahah.

After 3 or 4 days of peace, Codie once again suffered torturous ambush. Came back on Tues to find Codie lying on his side on top of my bro's table. How the blazes did he get there?? I surmised the cleaning lady must have come today, and the perps must have ambushed Codie from my room, and tortured him. Codie probably put up a fight, and crawled his way to my bro's room for safety. I wonder if he's going to bring on a lawsuit anytime soon. Can you sue a couple of IGs, a beanie, a mogu and a turtle for conspiracy and battery and assault? hmm.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hangman Phenomenon

Research? Easy. Just Google right? So with all the topics we're studying at school there's always a long recommended reading list of scholarly, bombastic articles. It would be easier of course, in our spoon-fed culture if all the fake Tod's will just give us printed copies of all the required readings, but nooooooo....we have to do our own search and print, but what's the merit of 100 students accessing online library systems at the same time, for the same articles when it's much more efficient for one person to access and then print 100 copies? :P Yah lah yah lah, some people will probably argue that us singaporeans are too used to being spoon-fed, but working and studying at the same time, and where time availability is limited, well, spoon feeding makes more sense, IMO.

Actually I wouldn't be ranting so much, had I not actually end up spending a full workday today just doing research on the upcoming project presentation. Googling is easy right? Except that one needs to know exactly what to google and search for, in order to get the 'right' information. If I had to count the minutes I actually spent doing my work today, well, I'd say I only did 30 mins of office work, and spent the rest of the 7.5hrs surfing the web for school work. Not every efficient. Wait until I get to the part in the later afternoon when I tried to get access to the recommended reading articles that are in the reading list - guess what, that's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Remember the days of RPG games whereby one's RPG character had to venture into the abyss or dungeons and each of these had like, 13 levels of dungeons to navigate and mind boggling mazes and countless ambushes and traps? yeah, searching for a scholarly article is just like that. So you think you have the title, and the author and life is easy thereafter? Forget it. First we had to gain access to the Uni's online portal (enter username and password), and then gain access to e-libraries (another username and password), and then ping! restricted by firewall. Try to get around the problem by alternate gateways? Enter more usernames and passwords, and then finally.....granted access to the golden door. Except one has to trawl through the haystack to look for that ONE article. Took me all of 1hr and mother of all murphy's law, the programme hung. Reload? Try again? After 3 'hangs', I think I'm ready to hang someone instead.

Highlight of the day? Fake Tod's asked us to solve an anagram in class - which I did, with some secret help from by using Atom to google it (of course, no one needs to know that). Claptrap, but I got some applause. Things we do for cheap thrills. Ha ha.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back To School III

Back to school again. Same old Ya Kun, same old eggs and kaya set. Haven't gotten sick of it yet. Different fake tod's of course - it just gets more and more interesting each time. This time a Brit (my initial impression I thought he was a student given his back view) who speaks with the speed of a runaway train, his England is no less power than the Italiano professor from the previous module but wah, he hardly looks a few years older than me, but already has been teaching for at least 6 years, plus his official title is "Dr." which means he's got a phD. And obviously, he knows his stuff and he knows exactly what he's talking about. So you think I'm techno-illiterate? Wait until you meet this guy, he's even more techno-ignoramus than i am. He presented the entire lecture on the "OHP" (can't rem what the actual name of this video thingy is, YP will probably knock my head again for calling it OHP), and in a word document, because he has never ever used powerpoint in his entire life, and blithely told us he has no intentions of doing so unless forced to. Topic is HRM. Yawn. But funny part was, fake tod's recites all the theories to us, and then tells us it's all a load of crap and hogwash. Then, he tells us how in exams, we should answer our essays to the point of, "why HRM is rubbish...". HA HA HA.

My Ping Zong dvd arrived, finally. But yeah, true to my impulse-purchase self that demands possession but does not eschew utilization after possession is complete, the dvd remains shrinkwrapped and unopened on my desk as I type this blog. I've already mentioned the Ping Zong novel is still on my desk, still unread at this point. To think of all the trouble and effort I went to procure both. Crabtree candles have also arrived, but now remains untouched and unopened at the corner of my room. I realise, I'm just addicted to the thrill of the chase, and once in hand......ah well, that's like the mentality some playboys have, in chasing women isn't it?

New object of desire!!! Whilst switching between channels when watching Ping Zong on cable today, I chanced upon Channel U when it was airing "Feng Chen San Xia - Hong Fu Nu"! ARRRGHHHH. I havent' paid attention to ChU for ages and I have spied this drama whilst shopping for vcd rentals at the store and have put in on my to-watch list for eventuality. But I didn't realise ChU was airing it! In fact, upon checking mediacorps drama list I realised I missed Chinese Paladin as well!! ARRRRRGHGHGHGHGGHHGHG. I was mesmerized by Hong Fu Nu, and sat my arse down for 2 hrs (instead of doing research for my HRM project!), damn, but it's already the 2nd last week and next week is the final episode. No prizes for guessing, I'm going to have to pick up the vcd from the store.

Addiction. Has a new vicitim.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yawn Yawn TV Marathon

Ch55 hasn't had it this good in a long time. The programme line up, that is. I hardly ever watch tv, and would prefer Discovery Travel's Ian Wright and Anthony Boudain anytime, and maybe a quick snatch of CNA 10 mins each morning as I get ready to work. But wah, now that Revolving Doors of Vengeance is on at 9pm on 55, I'm committed (or shall I say, hooked) to making sure I catch the daily episodes. And the 10pm Tian Ya Xia Yi (The last breakthrough?) is another 1.5hrs of engrossing tv. Healing hands III at 8pm ain't bad either, if I missed that, I could catch the 11.30pm rerun, yep, after Tian Ya Xia Yi. That means, I don't get to bed till 12.30am. Yawn.

3 days in a row of marathon tv so far, and boyo, I must be getting old. I know I am, and age shows it's signs in different ways. Today it manifested itself by requiring me to have 2 caffeine shots, something I hardly ever, rarely ever do. The number of days in this lifetime I've had 2 caffeine shots to-date is definitely less than 10, but at the rate I'm marathoning it'll well be over 10 soon. I wondered if my system could tolerate it, but when one finds herself yawning at 1.30pm despite a morning cappucino, well...that's trouble. And speaking of aging, I used to be a light sleeper. Used to, being the operative past tense. I could be asleep in my room, door closed, and if someone came home late and opened the house door, I could hear it and would wake. These past days whilst sleeping with my room door open, I slept right through when mom came home late, or bro left the house early morning at 6am. My bro is hardly discrete when he moves around the house and easily during my light-sleeping days I would be alert and awake the moment I hear footsteps around the house. But not anymore I guess. Sure sign of aging. In fact, I began to suspect it as sometimes on the days Bis was lucky to be sharing my bed, midway he'd leave and go sleep elsewhere, and I would not feel a single thing as he climbed over me and jumped off. I just slept on.

The Daily Poo Index is getting a little rusty. But not much to update there anymore, so maybe I should change it to the Daily Rat Index. Rat index today was a dismal zero. None to be found. I think these rodents have some sort of shift schedule set up, today must be their cooperative day off. Can't blame them, after all, they get kicked and concussed around quite a bit. So maybe they took some time off to visit their local rodent spa. See them tomorrow I guess.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chocoholics Diva

I like Bobbi Brown, the cosmetics, not the singer. And I have waay too much make up in my stash, I do. But that didnt' stop me nor Nicole from signing up for the Chocoholics workshop and accumulating even more make up. So it's a hands on workshop, we get to play with colours, collect some goody bags, freebies, spa vouchers, buy more cosmetics but the climax, ahhhh the climax, is the chocolate pastry platter and choc shake, courtesy of Bakerzin. Not knowing that such a goody was in store, Nicole had stuffed herself on burgers prior and I had my snack at Coffee Bean. But it would have been an insult and so criminal to pass up the platter, so we stuffed ourselves silly, despite the risk and threat of all those calories. It was probably a bigger sin not to eat them all.

Did I say I have way too much make up? Yeah, but I can't help but pick up some more today, so after I got home, I took stock of my BB stash. Wah, indeed a lot, maybe a 3 yr supply. That's just BB only. I haven't even gone over my Giorgio Armani stash yet. I've run out of storage space at home and moved a small portion to the office, so that's not even counting my stash in the office. But the thing is, I hardly use any cosmetics, I frankly think it's a waste of time in the morning to doll up, when I can better spend that time sleeping or playing with my dogs. But girls being girls, are irrational creatures where shopping and vanity is concerned. Uh huh.

At yoga today, Viv announced she'll be going away for 2 months for a teacher training course, and her replacement will be Jason Birch until she gets back. Whopeeee!! I rub my hands in glee, we attended Jason's prana workshop recently and he was excellent. He's one of those guys who exude zen, you know when you are talking to him, he's got a zen aura. Looking forward to more prana practice in the next 8 weeks, best of all, no need to pay extra fees. Yay!

Even the doggies were Kungfu Fighting....

The day was packed with activities starting from going to the market early morning to buy dog food, then rushing home to pack the food, rush out to yoga, rush for a quick lunch bite, and then rush to facial, then a massage, then finally slowing down to chill out with C. He bought me dinner at a nice italian place, casual and relaxed, far away from bright lights and maddening crowd. Thank goodness. Food was more than decent, except I had (gamely) ordered a creamy pasta in a 4-cheese sauce. Yeah, it's like eating 10 cheesecakes. I probably had something like 10 pasta shells before surrendering. Even C was finding it a challenge. It's so cheesy my stomach lining is probably coated and all stuck together in chewy stickiness now.

Dog walking was fun tonight, the kiddos found their usual rat friend in the usual rat-friend place near the golf course, and had fun kicking it around. I'm sure the rat was waiting there as always, for the daily meet-the-igs encounter, so all the animals could put on a show for the squeamish human ig owner. It's hilarious watching both dogs bark and try to 'attack' the rat, and even more hilarious as occasionally one of them would kick the long tailed fella and it'll fly up in the air about 1 feet, before landing in the grass patch, temporarily concussed before getting up and taking a well aimed strike at the dogs. Each time the dogs get struck, they'd let out a high pitch yelp that says, "OUCH!!". C managed to get a picture of the rat encounter tonight, since he was brave enough to venture to the crime scene. Me, i just stayed some 10m behind, gamely cheering the rat on and lending moral support from afar. I hate rats. :P

Codie was nabbed again yesterday. I knew it was too good to be true, 2 days of peace and quiet. I had buried Codie under the pillows when I went to take a shower, and upon stepping out of the bathroom door, the poor fella once again was splayed out near the kitchen sink. I wonder if it was a (failed) attempt to get Codie on the chopping board or maybe tried to get a knife to perform a surgical procedure on Codie? Hmmm.

I realised Codie really stinks of wet dog saliva. Must be the reason how the dogs could tag and nab Codie so easily whilst leaving the rest of the gang alone. No choice, so I put Codie and gang, including a very annoyed Slick into the wash. They had a wet roller coaster ride in the machine before being tumbled dry. I dont' think any of them were too pleased, and Slick was probably complaining of a massive headache from being tumbled, spun and squashed around by the big guys. Codie was looking quite mussed up from the wash experience. Here's his new 'wet' look. Ah well, hope he'll be safe after this.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

If looks can deceive....

I've committed shopping faux paus again. I thought I was getting a good deal, crabtree online sale, candles going for 50% off. $10 per candle for such quality stuff, cheap cheap. Unfortunately I was off-mark with the shipping estimation, and turns out shipping costs me another $10 per candle. Sigh. Not so cheap cheap after all. When will I ever learn? :P

Looks are deceptive ya know? There's this girl who's on the bus with me almost daily, works at my office, looks like a bimbo, walks like a bimbo, dresses likes a bimbo. I've never talked to her until today when a sticky business matter let me to inadvertently consult her expertise. By golly from the way she worked the keyboard and commands, she certainly is no bimbo. No doubt I had to swallow my tongue and with took some effort to act less ignorant than I was, I doubt I was quite successful. Crap, maybe I do have to start dressing more girly, more feminine and just look big eyed and idiotic more often than not. There's seems to be more advantage to that than dressing in slacks and boring tops all the time, (or yoga attire on weekends). As proven previously, looking aunty does not have much merits, no, not even at tekka market where even the filipino maids can outbargain, out-maneuver and out-elbow me. As I was saying, maybe dressing girly and bimbotic is much better than looking intelligent and getting tongue tied and stuck when trying to formulate smart answers to difficult questions. No one really asks bimbos difficult questions because.....we all know they are air heads. Time to change my head I guess.

Codie was safe for the last 2 days. So far so good.

Ahhh, new drama on Ch55 cable, Revolving doors of Vengeance. YESSSS!!! have been waiting for this since my trip to HK last Aug, when I had to spend 2 weeks there, alone at night with my daily dessert for company. I remember rushing back from my shopping every evening so I could catch this show at 9pm. Of course, 2 weeks was hardly enough time for me to finish watching the 30 episode drama, and needless to say, it will take a year before cable here shows it. But patience has paid off. I rub my hands with glee. Yeah, putting my cable $$ to good use. Finally.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Codename: Thief!

Awwright, there's a codie-nabbing thief in my house and he or she is still at large. This morning as I stepped out of the bathroom, Codie was laid out on the rug outside the bathroom, body all splayed out like a sacrifice to the gods. One of the suspected perp was found hiding in the crate, looking worried. The other suspect was lying innocently on the kitchen rug prettily acting...innocent. Other suspect(s) currently include Slick the sly beanie, Mogu the boneless, and Herbie the turtle.

I had attempted to protect Codie from harm by hiding him under Mogu (a dog toy given by YP years ago for Xmas...or was it Bday??), and piling pillows on top of them both. But somehow in the 10 min shower, one of the 2 italian greyhounds (or should I say, Intelligent greyhounds?) managed to get on my bed, and sniff and dig Codie out from layers of protection, drag him out to the living area and dump him on the bathroom rug. Was that a deliberate show-off act, to tell me that 'youcanhidecodiebuti'llalwaysfindhim'??!

This evening when I arrived home, opened my bedroom door, only to find once again, Codie in Holly's dog basket. Before I left home for the office I had again buried him under the pillows on my bed. Cleaning lady came by today, and one of the perps must have snuck into my room and nabbed him and ran out. Well that eliminates Slick, since he was at work with me today. By god I need to devise a plan to catch the real perp! Who is it really? Holly the obvious? Or Biscuit the depressed? Or is the key mastermind the innocent looking Mogu (spineless but maybe not brainless after all). Or Herbie's revenge plan? The saga continues....

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Strike 3 !

Poor Codie, 3 times unlucky today. For some reason there must be a great plot of revenge, or cunning envy, or scheming (as chinese saying goes) "borrow knife kill person". In the morning as I was sitting watching my chinese drama, I suddenly realised Holly was resting her head atop Codie in the crate! How in blazes had she nabbed him, dragged him to the crate without me noticing??! Ahh...well, when I'm engrossed in my chinese drama, I'm kinda....engrossed. Or maybe she wasn't the one who dragged him, maybe it was the Bis...or maybe Codie walked there by himself?! It would seem the perpetrator was Holly, but was it really? Or was it a set-up? If so, who set Holly up? Codie was slobbered in wet saliva, eeuuuw. Later as I came out from the shower, poor Codie was spotted at the foot of my bed, curled up on his side. Aww, I could imagine him whining from his beating, as he whimpered weakly from the floor. So it seems, his newly acquired kung-fu skills which he learnt post- Dragon Tiger gate has not helped him much. Perhaps Bis and Holly (or slick?!) have mastered some higher superior propelCodiefromthebed skills. Sometime tonight, as I was once again distracted by my chinese drama, I failed to realise that Codie was once again for the 3rd time today, ambushed from his hiding place on the bed. There is a big plot going around and I must unravel it, I must save and protect Codie. I must find the perp.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

> 2 is a crowd

Went out last nite with my colleauges to New York New York, a NYDC-type of restaurant where Yvette's hubby is one of the chefs. So-so typical american burger/ribs/sandwich joint in large portions, and obviously 99% of the patrons are the teenage and young adults crowd. Super crowded and macham noisy like crazy. As we sat there munching and having good conversation (for the 1st time in over 7 yrs I had a root beer float, just because the pic on the menu looked soooo beckoning), we observed the crazy human traffic milling and moving at turtle speed at the citylink walkway. Didn't I say Singapore is waaaaay too crowded?? That scene just reinforced and triple enforced my belief. Gawd, when and where did we birth so many children?? Who said anything about declining birth rate? Bah.

We witnessed an event of a lifetime - Nicole actually using her hands to eat her ribs!! Those of us who know her well know her as super anal and super sanitized about everything. She sanitizes everything and amongst her stranger quirks, she actually has sets of clothing she wears just to play with her dog. Poor fella actually has to wait for her to get home, get changed into old t/shirt and shorts before she pats him. And she sanitizes her clothes and her hands before and after touching her dog. Sheesh. Anyway, the memorable fingers-to-ribs event was captured on my handy phonecam. Of course, post-ribs eating she spent a good 10 mins wiping down each and every finger including scraping the undersides of her fingernails just to ensure they are totally clean. We all rolled our eyes in exasperation. Citylink mall, btw, was probably super duper extra crowded that night as there was a fireworks display at 9pm. Same thing happened at our LPS satay outing, there was a fireworks display which probably accounted for why crowds of people were there too. I witness neither fireworks event, preferring to tuck into food comfort food.

The cowburglar who nabbed Nattie struck again - apparently it seems there is now a Natty cousin standing lonesomely at some road divider at Beach Road. Poor bovine even lost part of its tail during its 'adventure' of being herded away from the rest of its family. No guessing who the 'shepard' was. Would have loved to see this cow but I'm sure park rangers would have escorted it home to its herd by now.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sated on Satay

Went with a couple of colleagues for a satay dinner at Lau Pa Sat, it's my first time there in years. If not for a visiting colleague who requested for satay, I'd say Lau Pa Sat is not usually a place I'd go to. But wah, upon arrival, the stalls of satay lined up at Boon Tat street were in full swing, and all tables outside were packed and crowded. The smoke and smell of satay thickly permeating the air. From all the net research I read, LPS was supposed to be quieter at night vs lunchtime, but no, the scene that greeted us was one of a packed hawker center, bright lights, smokey and one can easily mistaken it for another Newton Hawker center just looking at the crowds of people. We were not disappointed by the quality of the satay - no. 19 is really good! Between 4 of us, we polished off 100 sticks of skewered meat easily. Worth going back again, except the traffic in and out of LPS was ridiculously crazy. CBD is supposed to be quiet and dead at 10pm at night, but no, it was congested, traffic barely moved, and you'd think we were in geylang judging by the number of people at the streetside trying to get a cab. All the cabs there had an ON CALL sign, and eventually I ended up on the MRT home. I guess the fireworks display at marina must have had something to do with all the congestion.

C did the unthinkable - he got Meiji a friend. Meiji is a blue Bitsie who's living in C's garden, but now accompanied by a red and white new bovine friend we named Nattie. I gaped as he sent me evidence of the kidnap, and the story of how he 'acquired' Nattie was even more jaw-dropping. Unbelievable, I would not have the guts to do it, but then, that's C for you. He enjoys breaking rules, and getting away with it, and then having a good laugh over the entire thing. He really gets a kick out of these things. Some fine upright citizen he is. HA HA. But he makes me laugh.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Everybody was Kungfu Fighting...

So we went to watch Dragon Tiger Gate today - a plotless, pointless movie but hey, where there's Donnie Yen, there's always good action. The guy can fight, and wah, at age 40+ he's still in good form, like Jet Li (who's put on some weight), Jackie Chan (ultimate kung fu hero) and Samo Hung (who said fat guys don't win?). This guy can do somersaults and flying leaps like a 20 year old. Heck, even I at 20 years old can't even do a split, much less a somersault. Nowadays even trying to do dropbacks to a backbend in yoga class is also scary cuz we all afraid of hearing an omnimous crack in our backs.

Anyway, pointless, plotless movie but as long as there is excuse for action, these guys start pulling the punches and the flying kicks. Nice. Of course, in a typical chinese fighting movie the standard plot de riguer is - 1) hero always have a traumatised childhood; 2) someone the hero worships always dies; 3) hero will thus seek revenge; 4) but hero first gets critically injured; 5) then hero gets rescued by some supreme high master who lives in mountains as a recluse (master always comes out to save the deserving); 6) mountain master will impart secret skill of the highest level to hero, who takes little time to master it; 7) hero kills bad guy with newfound kungfu skills; 8) hero and damsel in distress (or token female) carry on with their merry lives. Yeah that about sums it up. In fact, that reminds me of the mention of legendary historical heroes by Fitroy Raglan, which was recently cited in my recent organization theory readings as (and one of the few things that piqued my interest other than being frustrated by stochastic dichotomy whatever). According to Raglan, the hero is:

(1)Born of a royal virgin.
(2)His father a King and
(3)Often a near relative of mother, but
(4)The circumsatnces of his conception are unusual and
(5)He is reputed to be the son of a god.
(6)An attempt is made to kill him at birth(often by father or father-figure) but
(7)He is spirited away and
(8)Raised by foster parents in a far country.
(9)We are told nothing of his childhood.
(10)On reaching manhood he journeys to his future kingdom.
(11)Faces trials and tests.
(12)Marries a princess and
(13)Becomes king.
(14)Rules uneventfully
(15)Prescribes laws
(16)Loses favor with the Gods or his subjects and
(17)Is driven away where
(18)He meets with a mysterious death
(19)Often at the top of a hill.
(20)His children, if any, do not succeed him.
(21)His body is not buried, however
(22)He has one or more holy resting places.

Yep, typical hero. But I think it's too much effort being a hero. I'd much prefer to use my superior kung fu skills to propel my dogs to the grass field downstairs and up, and propel their food from the fridge to their dog bowls whilst I lounge comfortably on the sofa watching my wuxia chinese dramas.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I want to break free!

Singapore has too many people. Just too many. Waaaayyyyy too many. Ventured into Marina square first time since their reno, given that mom and I had a spa appointment nearby. The spa was not too bad, pricey (but we got voucher so no need to pay, ha ha) and I fell asleep. I suspect I was talking in my sleep as I flitted in and out of semi-conciousness, you know, that asleep yet awake phase where you're not exactly asleep and not awake either? Think I was also blowing air bubbles through my lips too, not sure. Or was it a dream? Dunno, really hazy. Gawd, would be so embarressing if I did. Anyway........ thought I'd do a bit of browsing at Marina square. Big mistake of course - the sea of bodies is so overwhelming, the noise and chatter so loud it just woke me from my brief zen revierie from the spa. I could not take it, and it's 5pm in the afternoon, so how come every restaurant and cafe, and fast food joint is crowded to the max??? These singaporeans just eat at all hours??! The new shopping mall has no shortage of food joints but wahlau, just see the queues at macs, bk, etc even restaurants. I got headache. I decided to head home. Walking through Citilink mall, another mistake. More waves of bodies, I feel claustrophobic. Where the heck did all these pple come from???!!! ARRRRGHHH. Same thing, every food, coffee joint, packed with bodies, the underground mall, walking slowed to a near crawl as there were just too many people. I want to break free!! I want to escape from there, my senses could not take this torture. I'm ever more certain now, that I shall simply stick to yoga classes, and makan with yoga friends on weekends. No venturing to raffles, marina or cityhall. Even the cityhall station was packed like crazy. If someone would just sneeze, the rest of us will probably catch the flu too.

Fun events of the day, I scored 2 bong-aws against beefstroganoff. This is a real rare event. Whilst we were in the car, C insisted that Bendemeer street was round the corner at Sim Lim, we made a bet. Guess who lost and had to suffer a pillow smother. Later he tried to avenge himself by betting about the chicken rice stall at purvis. Lost again. Wahahhaha. FWAHAHAHhahahhaha. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAH!!!! I was ecstatic, I laughed so evilly and so loudly, it was a bellyful laugh. How extremely satisfying to finally hit him with the pillow. He trapped himself. I was innocent. Yes........the pillow. Ahhhh. FWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Exams over. Yay! Got myself a new chinese series rental as a reward. Heehee.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Strange encounters

Took the day off today so I could spend time on my revision, as usual the plan was to head down to Pure for a class of zen before comfortably ensconcing myself at the corner sofa. I must say it's a really good study environment, very peaceful and relaxed, and facilities nearby, no lack of food, water nor comfort. I was tracking my revision fairly well, except just before my lunch break a mainland chinese woman and her young child came over to share my space. Strangely enough she laid down on the sofa, and just went to sleep! Her kid must be used to her doing this, for the child didn't seem perturbed and simply just sat at the corner and played with paper. 'Twas quite a strange situation to me, but I carried on with my revision after lunch. Not surprising, the little kid got bored and started to chat with me. I have no liking for kids in general and I don't communicate well with them, but somehow I didn't mind this one because I detected sensibility and keen intelligence behind that lively and gamine face. Kid and I had a nice chat - this child has a chinese vocabulary more powerful than mine, for a 7 year old that's pretty impressive even though they are from China. A very inquisitive mind but very lively intelligence for I only needed to explain things and concept only once before it was instantly understood. Turns out the mother is a Pei-du mother, i.e. she was a businesswoman who left her business to her husband so she could accompany her child to singapore to study. Quite a big sacrifice, and from the looks of it she seemed a decent woman unlike the horror stories we hear about chinese pei-du mothers.

Anyway, after a 2.5hr chat entertaining this bright young child (needless to say it detracted me from my revision quite a bit, not something I preferred), it was only towards the end of the day I found out this child, whom I thought was a boy from the very beginning, is actually a girl! DUH!!! Err, I mean, she's got a haircut like a boy...and at age 7...well they all sound kinda squeaky voiced so how would I know?? And especially when her name is much like a boy's name too. (on a side note, the very bizaare twist to this is when she wrote her name in chinese characters, it's exactly the same name as my ex's......). Beefhotpot suggested perhaps it was my ex reincarnated. Riiiighhhht.

Revision progress is about 2/3 of what I'd originally liked to do, but just as well. I don't think I could absorb anymore and make sense of epistomological, ontological, tautology, sematic and syntactic concepts. Whatever the heck it means. Even C got a little befuddled today because the stuff I had him read were too drought dry. I'm as ready as I am for tomorrow and i'll be glad as soon as it's over. Back to my Pingzong series reruns! YAY!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pizza with 4 cheeses - an epistomological discourse on Imagination & Leadership

Ugh, even writing this entry's title gives me a headache. What exactly does the title mean, I'm also not exactly clear but it's something about Pizza, cheese on the pizza and a discussion on the articles I had to read up for my coming exam. It all started innocently enough with a lamenting wail to Cownana in the car on our way to dinner, that I'm making neither heads nor tail of the theories of these scholarly theories. To prove a point, I read to him what I thought was a difficult paragraph. To my wide-eyed speechlessness, Beefsalami not only immediately understood it, but was able to digest, break it down into tiny little bits and burp it all back to me in a straightforward way. I tested him further with a few more paragraphs and he did the same thing. "....WHAAAAAAATT???!!! How come you can understand it so easily???!" I wailed. Throughout our 4-cheeses pizza dinner, C not only read my articles but could explain it to me A-Z. He criticized, stretched it, pounded it, chopped it up, salted and peppered it, and explored it from all angles possible. I suppose that's how his (scheming) mind works, whereas me, I just follow the recipe. If the end result is not satisfactory, it's the recipe's fault - after all, I did not reinvent nor substitute nor thought of how to customize or improvise. C likened my thought process to a logical one, as I can only read the theories but not understand it, I see it only in a 2D view, if it doesn't make sense, my brain goes into Syntax-error mode and starts bleeping furiously in an error loop which I cannot get out of.

OK, so I have to admit, he's a far better student than I, and frankly I learnt more during our 1hr pizza dinner than I did in my entire week of staying up nights reading. Aww crap, I wonder if I'm able to maintain the trail of thought he's set me on tomorrow as I finalize my revisions. Even more important, am I able to remember how to argue my batmans and spidermans come Saturday's exam?

One last note to self - my body can NOT tolerate 2 caffeine shots in the same day. I indulged in a morning latte and then in the afternoon an expresso choc fix. By evening I was feeling the full effects. Ouch. Not at all pleasant. Besides, butt is looking quite the squishy wiggly bit these days.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

S is for.....

...Short Sighted Sighthound.

Holly must have got a SIGHThound defect. She's a sighthound, by birth, and seems to look like a sighthound. But wah, she makes a better bloodhound than sighthound. I suspect she's shortsighted. I can be 50m in front of her and she still can't see me. I can see rats in the field quicker and faster than she can spot one. But when it comes to her nose, well, she's got a nose far superior than Bis. Where there is food, she can smell it a mile away. That said, she smells rat better than Biscuit can see one. More often than not, as we're taking our daily evening walks, she would suddenly bound into the grassfield and dig out a rat's hiding place.

....Scheming Slick.

Codie got nabbed again this morning. I emerged from my morning shower to find him lying on the floor in the dining area. Someone or something made a quick grab for him but probably heard me coming out from the bathroom and thus abandoned the rest of the kidnap attempt. Holly was innocently sitting down prettily on the kitchen rug, and Bis was just his usual woe-is-me forlorn look self. Slick had on his usual expression perched on my bed. The culprit remains yet unknown to this date. This reminds me of the Cluedo game I used to play as a kid. Only the theme is - WHO NABBED CODIE?!

....Sleepy but must Study.

Needless to say, I must study. Except that I'm spending time on the internet now. Duh.

Ok back to my books. Yawn.