Friday, May 30, 2008

Scream 4

I don't understand why women tend to scream when they see a dog. My dogs probably weigh 10% of an average asian woman, yet these women scream and screech within 5m of spotting my dogs and promptly run behind their hapless boyfriends and hide. One would think they have just witnessed a dead cat or something.

Today, a bunch of screaming women encountered. Man who was with them merely said, "these are just greyhounds my dear". Women in question yelped, "Oh my gawd! really??!!" Like they never see greyhounds before or what? My dogs were even more freaked out than they were.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blade of grass

If we thought vegetarian food choices must be limited and pathetic, well that perception will likely change if one has given the vegetarian feast at Uma Ubud a try. Yes there's no meat, but there's plenty of everything else, and vegetarian is not only just vegetables, mushroom and tofu. The creativity of the food here is amazing, so much that one doesn't miss meat at all. Yeah, I chowed down more than usual because everything is so yummy. Yum.

Uma Ubud rocks. It's the perfect place for a yoga retreat, one can just be here for a loooooooooooooooong time.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Truth According to Puppetji

In Philosophy class today we discussed enlightenment and Don showed a video of Puppetji. Puppetji is hilarious, I tell you. It really gives meaning to a difficult subject to understand and makes learning so much fun. I have a new guru and his name is Puppetji.

Check out Puppetji at his website here for more fun and hilarity.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Schizophrenic Fish

C has a nice community of discus in his fish tank, which I proudly helped populate of course. There's Melon, a bright red beauty rather bimbotic in looks, Snow White III, a baby faced innocent darling, Bozo the Clown, who looks like he's everyone's friend, and Spikey, a blueblack striped meanie who looks like the street ah beng. Of course, over time their true nature in reality is actually Melon the Bimbotic beauty who is a genius in disguise acting stoopid (by playing possum so she doesn't get beat up); Snow White the babyface who's actually the biggest Ah Lian aka Don't mess with me or you are dead; Bozo the Happy Face who is in fact the real ah beng who beats everyone up (except Snow White); and Spikey the ah beng lookalike who in reality is the ultimate wuss who gets beat up by everyone.

moral of story --> don't judge animals by their looks. Proven by the fact that Pretty Holly in reality is actually Stoooopid Holly.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Pinky 'twas this new 8GB ipod which C got me recently. Except I don't need a new ipod (I have 4 already, why would I????). Alright so I have a new pink iPod. To cut a long story short, new iPod could not sync with Mac because new OS is needed. New OS had to be bought. Which led to Mac sent to macshop to get speakers and soundcard fixed (i.e more $$ spent). All this in a bid to enable new Ipod to be syncd. Of course, before new Ipod can be synced, new Ipod mysteriously went missing. I guess some fortunate bloke out there picked up a brand new unused electric pink iPod for free. Ending of story = no Ipod, but spent nearly $500 on OS and maintenance. Counting the $250 pinky cost, that's a deadloss of over $700. $700 could = brand new Tod's shoes.