Tuesday, September 02, 2008


To simulate expectant mothers, we had heavy thick blankets strapped to our waists as we went through an hour of pre-natal yoga class. Ok first thing is, this whole "swollen belly" thing really throws the body out of alignment. Bend forward? Uh, can't touch my toes, belly in the way. Bend sideways? Uh, got obstruction. Stand with feet together? Fergitaboutit. I think God is quite unfair, men should have a go at pregnancy too, how come they get to enjoy themselves during the act, contribute sperm and then live happily ever after? If I were God, everytime man made woman pregnant, the size of their testicles should shrink by half. Let's see who has the last laugh. Humph. Just the other day I was a Mac's getting a quick hash brown fix, when I spied a boy about age 7 hassling his poor parents and demanding in a tantrum and yelling at his parents, "where is my happy meal???!!!!!!", then stomps foot, yells "where is my Happy meal???!!!!!" whilst the counter staff hurried about to fill their orders. Dad was trying to appease the boy. Me, I just think this kid ought to be shot. No kid should be allowed to talk to his parents in this tone. Or, it simply means, parents these days don't know how to discipline their kids. Govt trying to encourage more kids? Better educate adults on proper parenthood first.


Lysithea said...

I think when men have their big belly potbottom, they experience the same as women carrying a baby.

By the way, apparently women's body is very amazing. When a woman is pregnant and she gets all that extra weight in front, the body automatically re-aligned itself. So you don't really feel all that weight and it doesn't really throw you off balanced.

And I could still do my forward bends when I was carrying Lenny!

Lysithea said...

I forgot to add: the baby bonus the govt is giving is actually beneficial to working mothers. So what they are encouraging them to do is to have more kids, then dump the kids at the childcare centres and go back to work. So of course parents like these won't know how to take care of their kids huh. And the kids wouldn't listen much to the parents too.

rent a cow? said...

Lets see.... COW's Life lessons on parenthood... teh government should impliment a programme where we can LEASE out kids... YUP you heard it... for parents with kids, teh ultimate baby bonus is to lease thm out.. thinkabout it, instead of leaving them inthe hands of day care centers where the teachers are mearly earningmoney looking after yourkid and you ave to pay.. why not lease them out to parents who are considering gettingkids.. that way, they can have a trial run to see if they really want the buggers.. and if a kid is too naughty.. you just send em back and swap em for a cuter one!! there!!see! all bases covered!kid gets oodles of attention, parents have a break and more income, would be parents get a trial period to see if they are suitable.. win win all around... kids win too! they can have parents who love the and part time parents who have the money and time to nuture them! and when the kids getto be 18 (if they survive), they have to pay back a monthly tax to the original parents.. so kids can now be a profitable endevour...thus, population increases and everyone (esp PAP) will be moooooo-ing!!