Monday, September 29, 2008

America got (no) Talent

Americans are obsessed with publicity. Just look at how many reality shows they have, and all these other talk shows. And then there are these supposed talent shows. So you think you can dance? Ya, like a giraffe maybe. American Idol? You mean American Be Idiots. America's next top model? More like Top Bitchfights. Ok ok so some of them do have genuine talent. But the latest one on America Got Talent.....I just have to say, sometimes the formula is overused, overtired, and overly stupid. Americans will do anything for publicity. Take for example the acrobatic stunts. Hello USA, half of China's child population can do that. America got Talent? Yep, one does need a lot of talent to cause a global financial panic and a couple of banks to collapse. Actually, that's pretty much lack of talent demonstrated to the extreme. And now there's this massive $700b bailout plan using taxpayers money and it's hailed as extraordinary. Ya, extraordinarily unbrilliant. $700b will feed a lot of starving countries, rebuild a lot of flagging economies and generate a lot of jobs. And even land another team on the Mars. All for the deserving. $700b for saving the rest of the world -- good, but $700b to save silly america because they are so dumb is going to be a hard pill to swallow for many of us.

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richcowsstilmakedung said...

Wahhh i donno what to say..speechless...You sure have talent.. for slagging a whole country!!
Hmmmm now what does one do with 700B?... imagine the mischief i could get up to!!!!