Tuesday, September 30, 2008

F@cking funny video

Sarah Silverman on fucking Matt Damon. This is really hilarious. It even won an Emmy.

And Jimmy Kimmel's response video gets 10-stars and all thumbs up!

alright. So some Americans do have talent. The best of them are on YouTube.


casiewbao said...

and sarah won the emmy for i m f**king matt damon on my birthday 13 sep...;p

cowsdunsing said...

WHATTT THEY give out emmys for this RUBBISH!!! how easily placated is the american sense of humor!! Thats a DUMB video... like that SESAME street mana mana song should get an Grammy...
Then again,they gave a grammy to a pair of lip synching pop stars (Millivanilli-sp?)... STupid stupid people.. no wonder they need to raise 700b!!