Saturday, September 06, 2008

Passport Surprise

I found someone's passport recently, and good citizen that I am, I promptly made my way to the police station the next morning to make a report, thinking some poor chap must be stranded in Singapore without it. Mind you, I had to detour to the police station en route to work, but as a fine upstanding citizen, hey, nevermind, I'll do it. Recently our Home Team has had some bad press, what with the Mas Selamat escape and the boo-boo of lax passport controls at changi airport and etc. Apparently there is a high turnover of the home team boys due to high stress and fatigue. Well, what greeted me at the police station is testament to the fact - I've never been to a station except one other time, and frankly, the place look tired, worn out and in desperate need of some renovation or interior design. The officers looked exhausted as well, and I really have my doubts if they could run over 400m to catch thieves without being winded. The work of an officer must not be too exciting, 2 other ordinary folks behind me came in to report a lost handphone and a change of address. For all the hoo-ha I thought was about a lost passport, I was sadly mistaken. My police station encounter was all of 5 mins of the following:

Me: I found a passport.
Officer: ok. So you want to make a report?
Me: Huh?
Officer: well, you want to report a found passport or not?
Me: Well, I'm just brining it in as the owner may be looking for it.
Officer: ok then. We'll just try to trace the owner. When and where you found it?....

And there it was. Officer scribbled location and time on a piece of scrap paper, didn't even ask for my name or contact details and promptly waved me on my way. much for being a fine upright citizen. Ah well, I hope the poor chap is reunited with his passport by now, at least that would make my effort more worthwhile.


2 said...

The police have better things to do then deal with you plebleins. You should see them Tues evenings where they look oh so dangerous and exciting when they guard those important mps!

When we made police report regarding vandalism (and we caught the culprits red-handed too), they were oh so *yawned* about the case, took forever to come down, even though it's just across the road, and just say want to complain refer to civil court.

Two years now and they didn't even manage to catch the swindler.

Nope, doesn't work for the people.

Cows are like police cars, black n white said...

erm.. if you want a parade or a pat on the back, public DREAM on gal!! but i think you should have left your contact details, just to make sure they return the passport to the rightful owner..there is after all a black market in passports.. and guess where they get their source???hmmm whynot try this..
walk in to a police station and said.. i have just beaten up a cop.. you can't catch me nanny nanny boo booo and run out!! i think cops are fat, cuz since child hood, they haven't been playing at police and thief.. also thieves these days dun run.. they are mostly computer crimes, CBT, swindling etc... when was the last gun fight we had?.. i say forget sending soldiers to Afghanistan... send our cops to MALAYSIA!!!! now run fast, before they catch you!!