Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rent a Baby, and Others..

C suggests its a good idea to start a Rent-A-Baby scheme. Govt's way to incentivise and promote population growth via more baby bonus cash and maternity leave, not quite convincing. With rent-a-baby, people rent, swap the babies they want for periods of time. If you like the baby and wish to adopt it, a contract is signed with the parents with a small fee paid to us the middleman. Hmm, ok, totally illegal enterprise of course, but points for creative thinking. Now, if we do have rent-a-baby, I suggested to C that we could expand and branch out to:

Rent-a-Bf. Very useful for rainy days umbrella carrying services.
Rent-a-mistress. Stating the obvious here.
Rent-a-wife. C disagrees, he said no one in their right minds would rent a wife. Why rent a wife when you can get a mistress?
Rent-a-bitch-gf. To get rid of clingy mistress.
Rent-a-Granny. Err, not sure what this one is for....
Rent-a-Cow. Now, this one is certainly useful. In economic downturns like this, rent a cow, milk your own milk. Half to the landlord and half to you. But then, depends on what sort of economy it is after all. There's a famous economics 2-cows joke on this.

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rentacow said...

Ahhh you forgot..
Rent 2 doggies... here we rent out 2 totally different doggies, so that customers can enjoy the following :

1. Sadism.. watching one doggie sadistically torment another doggie.
2. a comedy of as that same doggie does toopid things.
3. watch one doggie brought to the brink of suicide and depression.
4. The mystery of who peed and where?
5. Watch the reality show.. how much food can 1 doggie eat..starring holly..
6. The constant endevor for walks.
all proceeds go to save the biz foundation..

Our motto.. rent a doggie cuz after this, you'll want a cow..