Sunday, June 22, 2008

Staying Connected

I was in Charat's hatha class for the first time. It was a beautiful class which I thoroughly enjoyed, despite my initial misgivings. I should have known better, for a teacher who looks like a gentle scholar and who walks like the calm waters amidst busy surroundings, is one of deep learning and true of teaching. "Stay connected", he reminds us in his soothing and easy going way; everything is about the breath, and everything else like peace and inner calm will just fall into place by itself. How lovely these words are. Charat reminds me very much of Jason. Calm, deeply learned and meditative people are a source of wonder for me, I often marvel how they are able to achieve this state. Jason reminds us it takes many years of practice and dedication. Perhaps one day I shall be too.

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camo cow said...

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