Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Met up with my poly girlfriends yesterday. I must admit I deliberately wanted to show off a bit, since last round I looked somewhat like auntie in my simple dressdown outfit whereas everyone else managed to look professional chic, trendy or stunningly elegant. Well this time round there was elegant mom, stunning but simple mom, professional chic, and..... loud maturity. Maybe I was overly much with the matching black capris, black shiny shoes, big black onyx ring and chunky onyx bracelet and the killer GJ pendant. It's screaming, "LOOK AT ME, I'm CHIC-pretend". Sigh. Seems I'm not gonna get it right anytime soon. That reminds me, when at the Bali retreat recently, at the group dinner most people were simply but elegantly resort-outfitted. I was in casual smarts, the best I could say at least I had shiny bebe blings on my outfit. *rolls eyes* Oh of course, and a stunning pair of bling bling sandals which were the most impressive part of me. Bling sandals rock, I tell you. Except the ones that fell off and tried to assasinate my ankles recently.

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