Sunday, December 03, 2006

Time not Enough

Time time time time time. I need more time. More hours in a day, more days in a week. Well, actually, not more days in a week. I do need more time in a day, and more time in the week to rest. It's a serious case of Time Not Enough. The new girl at work is driving me a little looney, she's young, inexperienced, and slow to pick up what I teach her. Maybe I speak alien to her, but she would work on things I did not tell her to do. Then I have to redo her work. Argh. Already I have my hands full with my current workload, whilst taking on new work handed over by my colleagues. These other folks are good people, but sigh, they are poor planners. I have inherited crap, whilst I have to pass on my golden cake to a newbie so green that moss is growing out of her ears. This is what happens when a dept plays musical chairs with it's employees.

More time is needed because exams are next Saturday, and the saturday after next. I haven't time at all to revise, I'm tired and exhausted from work. Dealing with inept people makes me want to tear my hair out, I could hardly control my voice rising an octave or two higher, "You did what??!....". I feel irate, my body is still stiff, I can't do vinyasas at yoga anymore, and massages hardly relieve the tension in my body. I'm irate, irritable and irritated. Econs assignment is due immediately on the Monday after the coming Sat exams.

Time time, I need more time. I also need serious retail therapy. SERIOUS ones.


2 said...

Hey! After all your exams and assignments, let's go for lunch! :-)

You need retail therapy and food therapy!


zen moos dun the limbo at sales said...

Yup the signs are there... irate, moody, stressed, waa waa... RETAIL THERAPY is the only way to get it out of your system.. and slick says he needs a new up goes TODS shares, down goes Waa waaa's bank balance.. but up goes the corners of your mouth into a smile!!!... hee hee.. oh and teh biz and Holly have something new to chew on!!...waaa you seem stressed, even the rot prata stance, with the murtabak pose into the roti john and chicken tikka pose dun relax you... WHATS THE POINT OF DOING ZEN????!!! gee!!!

end of year is soon.. you have some bonus to attack the sales and elbow aunties out of the way.. or are you using zen tactics this year and contort your way thourgh??!!Happy hnting and dun let the natives (aunties) eat you for dinner!!!