Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Zen of Money

Money buys happiness. So they all say. But having money is dangerous. Money in my wallet or credit cards, is exceptionally dangerous. Even more dangerous when I pass by stores with gigantic "SALE" sign printed boldly in red or black. In I go for a browse, out I come with a shopping bag. Mostly a large one.

So I took the day off innocently enough to attend Shiva Rea's yoga workshop. Wow, this lady is good. Her yoga flow and dance really makes me feel like I want to do yoga this way for a long time, maybe I should get her DVD. Hmm. Well, after yoga I was supposed to work from home. But first, lunch with my yoga kakis. Hmm, toenails look overgrown and in need of treatment, so ok, to a pedicure I go. Except I had 30 mins to kill whilst waiting my appointment, so into a boutique I go. Out I come with a sweater. Same cycle repeated at Betula and Colette. Out comes my wallet and credit card, I get swipe-card syndrome trigger happy. Total spending for the day = unmentionable amount. Shhhhh.

Meanwhile, my room gets piled with more shopping bags. More shoes, more bags, more books. I mean, wow, Xmas is a time of giving, so err, who's giving me anything? I guess I just gave myself lotsa pressies. :X

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