Friday, December 08, 2006

Irate, Bothered and Bewildered

Week 2 of Time Not Enough. In week 2, time is STILL not enough, and time is running out fast. Exam on Saturday. I am irate because I've been OTing the whole week at work, getting home only at 9.30pm. That leaves me little time for revision. I am irate because I've got a full plate and more at work because we are still in musical chair mode. I am irate because I've 250 unread emails for the 2nd week ongoing. My temper is short short at a minimum, my voice loud loud nearly maximum, and if there isn't already, there should be a sign on my forehead that says, "talk to me smart, or talk to me at your own risk". I swear, stupid people in this planet must have all converged to my office in the last 2 weeks. No, I don't handle stress well, as my personality profile already attested to this fact, I become more emotional and likely less logical at this juncture. Even my KFC lunch delivery arrived 2 hrs late, I had to yell on the phone lines to the restaurant managers before my burgers showed up. The gall of them still had the audacity to charge us. For being 2hrs late they damn well should have given us a free lunch. So I yelled back and demanded my free lunch. No more KFC for me, never again. No siree. I'll stick with Waffletown.

Sitting here at home trying to make sense of marketing readings and notes. Bewildered and befuddled because, cowdamnit, these Englishmen definitely go around and around in circles before they stop to a point on paper. Gimme american writings anytime, these amercans' english maybe not so powderful or formal, but they get to the point quick. 2hrs into my readings and nothing sticks yet. Heck yeah, am going to be in a whole lotta trouble for exams tomorrow. Englishmen cannot market worth a dung.

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cowdammit said...

COWDAMMIT!! hee hee.. thats a new cute sware word!
Yup, English are rather long winded, but there is beauty in the elocution, unfortunately, one studying for examy would not appreciate the nauences of the language... whereas american pop culture with their 'comic' like writing does seem fresh, to the point and easier to read.. imagine this scenario... a duel between 2 gentleman for the hand of a lady..


We shall duel at dawn, flintlock pistols at 10paces for the hand of the fair maiden wen...may the better gentleman win (stiff upper lip and all that namby pamby Eaton educated twang)....hmm perhaps a few refreshments might be had..second dueller "that would be absolutely lovely.. perhaps a spot of cammomile"?... !st Eng :"Terribly decent of you old chap, no sense in ruining a glorious day with a bit of death....".. muskets at 6, tea at 5.30 then...hurrah...

Now the american version:

1st person in the rather dark persuasion : "Yo man, dems my bitches, you got a problem with that MOTHER *!@&?.. Talk to the hand...(BANG Fires his pistol into the guys face).. "Teach you to mess with me punk..." shot and sharp, graphic and American... easier to understand?