Friday, December 08, 2006

Strange Encounters

1st strange encounter was with a Volvo cabriolet. Mmmm, conCow let me drive it, it's a real babe. So smooth like velvet and so responsive like a sexy woman. Definite yum. But at 168K, that's a lot (years) of Tod's bags and shoes and Tiffanys. Oh well.

Strange encounter #2, United Square is the now what I would call, a place to meet blasts from the past. Spied an ex-poly dude whom I used to date very briefly, with, whoa, celebrity Irin Gan. Is shaven bald heads the in thing these days? My ex-poly friend sports a shiny plate like my bro's. As for Irin Gan, well, err, she's really not much of a babe in real life. All skin and bones and yikes, that big wide mouth (err, did she ever had any dental work done?) and those teeth. Like that also can be model? We seriously lack talent here.

Strange encounter #3. Bumped into an ex-uni classmate whom I also dated very very briefly years ago. Fella is now a seemingly successful real estate agent. Boyo, it was really strange. What are the chances of bumping into 2 former brief dates in the same day in the same place? Voodoo at play here I say. Really bizarre,

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cow HIDE said...

Well, unless you are a popular cow with horns (horny cow geddit?.. ok.. dumb joke)...and have heaps of then the odds are high... perhapsall of you are JOBLESS!! hee hee... and just hang about UE sq... I think a guys ultimate nightmare is to have a room full of EX girlriends comparing notes and him in the hot seat...oooo.... pain...

Yes, Volvo was nice, need i mention that it is a turbo 2.4 and that in the brief drive, you attempted to activate the airbags by smelling the butt of the cab infront...(you break it, you bought it)... also killing the first volvo convertable in singapore is not a nice thing to do...BAD COW!!

So, what does one say to an ex after not seeing them for so's life?'s thhings hanging?.. hee hee...

anyway, as long as you look thinner than before, or better than before, the guys will only or be like me and put on sooo much weight that they won't recognize you in the first place!..hee hee.. thats a good reason to hide from THEM!!! patty moo