Saturday, December 16, 2006

Creative writing and retail therapy

Exams over at last! yay! I'm done for the year. This paper was on Entreprenuership, and frankly, the professor told us exactly what topics the exams would cover. And even gave us the topics in the same sequence as the exam format. What more could a student ask for? Except maybe the essay answers. Should be an easy exam right? Yup. Except I spent most of my Friday shopping, and dozing off, instead of revising my notes. Hey! I made decent attempts to read the notes, but I swear, the stuff is so boring, hardly entrepreneurial that my eyelids needed sticks to prop them up. And all this despite an extra large double shot latte at my side. My gawd, my caffeine tolerance has certainly moved up several notches. As for the exams, well, since much of the module was taught about creativity and innovation, let's just say I had to be creative about my answers. After all, bullshitting is part of the natural cow phenomenon.

Speaking of shopping, I exercised my right to retail therapy yesterday, yes when I was supposedly supposed to be studying for exams. Tod's sale mah, but I'm so proud, I didn't buy anything from Tod's. Note this doesn't mean I didn't buy anything else. ha ha. Also managed to buy some of the gifts for the tekka gang dinner this coming week. Just a few more to go and I am done. Concow was rather sweet by printing me a couple of Borders coupons. Which I promptly put to good use by buying even more cookbooks which I will hardly use, and which I have absolutely no more shelf space in my room to accomodate. Space in my room is now a premium, shelf space in particular is like the district 9,10, 11 of Singapore. Books and lecture notes all over the desk, and bags bags and more bags on the floor. Time for spring cleaning soon, when I have the time that is.

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