Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shopping Madness

Marketing exam over! Yay! I didn't think I did badly, not great certainly, but considering the boring areyousureitsmarketing notes that was by no mean feat to read, and I managed to read most of them within the day (despite a double shot mocha that lost out to boring notes and put me to sleep some 6hrs later), no, the exams were not too bad. Econs assignment due Monday, but of course I procrastinated and went shopping post-exam and today. I was busy wrapping presents and organizing my room, needless to say I didn't finish econs assignment. :X

Was mentally counting the $$$ I spent on shopping today. Oh wow. And none of the stuff were actually for myself. Double wow. Drew $140 in cash yesterday and only $2 left in my wallet now, and it wasn't as if I spent all that cash on presents. There are still the credit cards....... :X . Can't imagine the damage at Tod's sale when the time comes. Hmm, when is it anyway?

Orchard rd is thronging with people. Bodies are just everywhere. My gawd, there is certainly a population explosion in this country. Just look at the number of filipinos hanging out at lucky plaza. Scary. And even worse, they've proliferated to the level 2 of Orchard MRT station outside the Popular bookstore entrance. Whole groups of them filipinas sitting on the floor with their shoes taken off. Eeuuuwww.

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Tods sale this Friday. Are you going? Take leave!! :)