Saturday, December 30, 2006

Curse of the golden boobs

The latest Zhang Yimou film is a nice visual feast, yes. Just look at the amount of jiggling, heaving bosoms. Yep, sure distracts one from the paper thin plot. All these wonderbras and cups runneth over, no wonder the men in the film are all a little crazy. Can't blame them.

Here's a thought - if bitches (as in female dogs) have 8 nipples, and pigs probably have 6-8 because these animals give birth to >1 offspring at the same time. So errm, why do humans have 2 nipples? What's the extra one for? Pervy thoughts come to mind. Hmmm.

Grand Cathay is a nice cineplex, not too crowded. For the record CarlostCow wants to state that the carpark sucks. Ok I agree. Whole building is pretty quiet though, I don't see how retailers can survive long. This concept shop we were at briefly, served expired juice (too bad for them the label was facing me when I was drinking). Ok so a day past expiry is no big deal but heck if they are in the F&B service they should damn well be sure to check their expiry dates. Manager even had the gall to suggest they do not give refunds. You know me, I gave them a black look and asked for my money back, I don't give a flying dung what their policy for refunds were. Point taken.

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cows in golden flower said...

Ahh the visual feasts that befell me, i saw luscious mountains, heaving in the glistening sdawn, mounds of soft tau huay, white and firm... as far as teh eye can see....The largest collection of...FLUFFY pillows!!! just out of arms reach.. TRULY AN EPIC< WORTHY OF THE GOLDEN BOOBIE AWARD!!!.. I wonder which emperor came up with the fashion of the era... my kinda guy!!...

Oh, can i ask... where does one hide a 10m high shiny steel for that,000 bright, shining gold C3POs?

But dun you just admire the cleaning crews?!!..I want one gand in my house!!

Hmm that must be the largest collection of ah peks too!!... i wonder how many are on viagra!! hee hee!

yup, cow made a big black face when manager man said no refunds and offered her sunkist as a replacement for fresh juice.... what an idiot!! but as usual, naughty cow got her way!!...BEWARE the WRATH of the pissed cow!!! she got horns!! but she not horny!! hee hee.. lame joke i know, buut its 2am!!...

Just a parting thought tho.. how do you write the advertisment for extras in that movie???

Must have tofu breasts and look god in shiny armour?.. or ability to do a david copperfield and hide a steel wall... but you know the greatest trick?.. how they all can just IGNORE all that food!!!(the last scene)...!! I want!!

by the way, you want udders?..cows have heaps!!