Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tis the season to be Jolly

I mentioned something about ungenerous people in my previous post. Well not really true, I had forgotten about a group of good tekka market friends. Last night as we gathered at Veron's house for a Xmas dinner with no sign board chilli crab, tanghoon and youtiao (really strange type of Xmas dinner food), all our pressies for the gift exchange were under her Xmas tree. Pretty impressive no. of presents I'd say, since we each had to buy 5 for the rest of the gang members. So yeah, I got my 5 presents, pretty good stuff, mostly stuff I wanted and can use. The strangest I suppose was a Muppets dvd, err, I haven't watched muppets in ....years. Guess I'll just fast forward to those scenses where Miss Piggy kicks ass. Yep, kick-ass characters are the winners in my book. ha ha ha.

John outdid himself again with a display of xmas cupcakes. This guy is good. So good his colleagues and friends have started to order pastries from him. Oh and there was some swiss snowmen too, pretty to look at but all marzipan. Too much sugar shock.

Just took a look at one of my credit card bill. Yikes. Haven't brought myself to look at the others and see total damage. Chances are it's altogether the whole months' pay. Sigh. Not so jolly there. I wish I had a money growing tree. Ha ha ha ha. Doesn't everyone?

OM xmas Moo.

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some pressies not returnable said...

wah!! sounds like you had a singaporean christmas!!... at least you had fun!!... ooo... so many presents under the tree, all you really need is a short tree (wen sized)... and it'll tower up gigh with the prezzies underneath!!... Hmm speaking of giving.. i wonder what biz and holly got?... they have given you a golden surprise and a chocolate mud pie everyday!! hee hee Grose!!!

Hee heee. muppet movie.. me likes Gonzo!!... he weird!!

Which character do you like best?.. kick as piggy?..

Glad you had a great Christmas!!

Pressies are fun arent they! er.. i gave you a BIG one too!!... batteries not included....sorry..