Monday, November 27, 2006

Mouth wide shut

I should have kept my mouth shut. But I oh so love shooting my mouth off, it's really a wen-hazard, my mouth is faster than my brain. Today we had a surprise QA audit, so of course we were all caught unprepared. There was a nice little granny-like QA lady, big granny hairdo and all that, but wah, she could sure grill like sotong. No sotong will escape alive and uncooked under her scrutiny. I thought I gave an appropriately correct answer, but when documentation was shown, man, I had to remove my foot from my mouth because it had just proven to everyone I didn't do what I said we were supposed to do. Aiyahh. Die. Actually, I think I didn't have enough feet to shove into my too wide mouth at that moment.

C would agree a lot that I let my motor smart-ass mouth run away too much. Gets me into trouble all the time because I don't let my "near genius" IQ head (no, he'll never let me live down that one either) process thinking before talking. Well, better hope granny QA lady has short term memory. Meanwhile I'll just carry on pretending nothing happened. Doodadeedadum.

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cows ain't dumb! said...

Huh? Whats a QA audit?
But yes, you do motor mouth and waa waa a fair bit... but you normally get away with it as you are a smart biggie, squidgy ass.... hee hee!.. BUT MINE BIGGER!! (slick nods in agreement)!

AIyah, pop quizes are SUPPOSED to make you feel dumb.. its the lecturer's way of making you STUDY harder instead of being so cocky.. the ones that get hit hardest are the pple who THINK they know heaps already.. not like us last min studiers, who KNOW we dun know cow poo.... and dun even try to answer teh qns.. and vow to study hard that very night, but there is always something better on telly or the dinner plate... ooo the bed ooks so inviting too!.. anyway, we then cram until our blains are bursting, regurgitate what we have stuffed in and witha HUGE dose of cow poo... smoke our way through!!...we not smart.. we just have better short term memory...

Cows ain't dumb!