Saturday, January 06, 2007

Korean Drama Mamma

Fever is back again. Drama fever. Korean drama to be more precise. Caught 2 eps of the serial My Girl on cable, and wala! - HOOKED. It's so good, so hilarious, so damn funny. I couldn't wait. I had to go to the store to rent so I could get my hands on the rest of the story. But alas all 3 copies were totally rented out. WAILS. I walked in and out of the store for 30mins debating if I should buy the brand new set instead. $30 leh. Hmmm. Finally, as I reached my hands out to grab a box, an auntie next to me exclaimed loudly, "Wah! This one very nice to watch!!! You must buy!!". Ok ok, point taken. Got home and popped 3 discs in, wow. Mom came home and got hooked. Thank god for the long weekend. Of course, the whole point of the long weekend was so I could finish my long overdue econs assignment which I didn't manage to finish the other time. Assignment due on Monday 8th. Drama watching started on Jan 1. 16 eps. Simple math (or rather, drama fever) means --> Assignment 0: Drama 1. Uh oh. Mom even went as far as to skip her nightly activities so she could come home early and watch the drama even before I got home. GRrrrrrrrrrr. One ought to have respect for owner of the vcd set (me). Hello, I should get priority right? Double Grrrrr.

Assignment not started yet. Today is Sat, due on Monday. Double triple Uh Oh. No way to get another extension. Gulp. Still 1 more ep on the drama to go.

Err, dead meat drama cow?


Anonymous said...

Like the show too. It makes me laugh so much! Btw, saw the VCD set selling at Blue Max for $20...

Drama mama cow said...

Ya.. cow dragged me t o blue max.. but that was the distributer instead of the cow left balestier empty handed... not a happy cow..

Do tek us more about the series leh!... it must be good to keep the kiasu cow from doing her homework... plus you din mention that personal cleanliness took a back seat... and laundry left to rot!!..