Sunday, May 17, 2009

Service makes a difference

Contrasted to the lackluster service at Liat Towers yesterday, today's encounter at the Hermes takashimaya boutique should be rated 100% excellent. All-in I spent 45 mins browsing, admiring, chatting, gossiping and bitching with a very attentive and knowledgeable sales associate; he's clearly into fashion and appreciation of the good stuff. Makes you feel already you are his best friend. I was shown over 10 items, and he didn't bat an eyelid when I said I would consider. Even gave me tips on taking advantage of sales and taka voucher chances to offset the purchases. Now that's what I call service. If I had to spend some 4K on a wallet, I'm buying it from this associate only. 

Note to Veron - they even have Bicycle in Hermes leather for sale. Yummy.

1 comment:

casiewbao said...

yes... i will tell the godpa.... his royal shallowness nids a bike, and not just any bike, but bike clad in hermes leather. and i bet we can chose collect? orange?