Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bag Insurance?

Bf finally met the Kelly today.

"So, another entry level bag ah?"

And then he went on to describe how with the famous H bags, one has become rather paranoid. E.g..Wen gets hit by car while crossing road with Kelly in tow. Lies on floor, bleeding. Driver rushes out and apologizes profusely, offers to pay for medical treatment. Wen gasps, "the bag....the bag.....". Wen goes to TTSH, Bag goes to hermes for repair. Driver receives total bill. Cost of medical treatment, $200. Cost of Hermes bag, $15K.

So does that mean his insurance premium will go up?

Gasp. Do they offer insurance protection for designer bags?? 

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casiewbao said...

entry level cos u r waiting for for the crocs or lizard or even whatever rare cow or mow or dow skin fr C