Saturday, December 13, 2008

How many Cows make a Birkin Bag?

Poor C is as sick as a dog - chills and muscle aches, headaches and sore throat. Brave enough yet to pick me up from yoga class, only to be rewarded by ....yes, yet another painful conversation. Topic of contention was how many cows makes a birkin bag.

C: why don't you find me a cow so I can shoot it, you can take the leather to make a bag?
Me: but you're the guy. Guys are supposed to do the manly thing by hunting and shooting animals while their helpless gfs just wait prettily for a present.
C: I already gave you a cow. Don't you have a cow?
Me: Ya.....but that one cannot make a bag...
C: there are NO (real) cows in singapore. I checked already.
Me: I'm sure you can find some at Dairy farm
C: Dairy farm got no cows. I checked already
Me: Got got!! I'm sure of it...
C: where...?
Me: There's a goat farm at Dairy Farm...
C: OMG!!! A Goat is *NOT* a cow ok!! Cows and goats are totally different animals!!
Me: (sudden realization dawns) .....but they produce milk anyway...
C: Yes! but goat is not a cow and cow is not a goat
Me: err...I thought you are sick?
C: yes I'm sick. I'm very sick. However being sick doesn't mean I'm stupid.....(moans. groans in pain).

so there it is again, poor bf with who looked like he was 1 sec away from vomiting blood. Mentally thinking OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY does he have to suffer this when he went all the way to pick me and send me home.

Moral of story? That's what bfs are for. ahaha.


casiewbao said...

no matter i hv to take taxis nowadays..

owww cow said...

and you HAVE to ask... and lament on Poor bis'z demise.... I know how it feels!!