Monday, December 29, 2008

Cooking up for lost time

It seems in the last 10 days I have cooked up enough to make up for the lost 1 year of kitchen time. On my accomplishment menus were potato skins (Gary Rhodes), couscous salad (Tessa Kiros), Vietnamese fish cakes (Red Lantern), Hot german potato salad and Kimchi fried rice. The latter 2 are self-adapt recipes. All in, I must have cooked for over 20 people. Most went well except the fish cakes which went somewhat too liberally with the fish sauce, oops.

My poor dogs are wondering how come they don't get a piece of all these action. But just as my friend John noted when he saw both Bis and Hol recently, they kinda look like chunky monkeys already.

Ok time for dogs to diet.

1 comment:

cows not round, we big boned said...

er.. i am also wondering why i din get any???...was i away????.. you could have saved some!!!! biz not fat, he just the perfect geometric symbol...a circle.. like me!!