Thursday, July 10, 2008

Buddha's Fruit and Painful Silliness

For a person my (small) size, I can sure produce some pretty big chesty coughs. Sad how the word chesty is used to describe my coughs instead of my less than ample bosom. Anyway, my hacking coughs were enough to raise the dead, even my boss had to jokingly shout from inside his room down the coridoor, "Shut up!!!". My colleague suggested if I have tried LuoHanGuo (Buddha's Fruit) remedy. And suddenly the lightbulb flashed - how could I have forgotten??! So silly of me, I know that LHG is an excellent TCM cure for coughs and I often buy this as a beverage. Shouldn't have wasted my time on silly modern cough mixtures.

My feet are pained today. The very beautiful, very expensive and now turned out to be very uncomfortable brand new pair of Marc Jacobs shoes for which I was drooling, nosebleeding, lingering over for weeks; for which I swopped down like a starved begger when I spotted it on sale at a steep discount (even though price after sale is still exhorbitantly high) turns out to be a beautifully expensive and painful mistake which gave me the most number of blisters I've ever had on 2 feet. Ankle, sides, and every single toe. The price of vanity is expensive. It's the most expensive pair of shoe I possess. Now looking back I don't know what made me pay so much for a pair that is not good ol' faithful Tod's. It's just another testament of women and their incredibly silly foot fetishes. And sheer stupidity.

Aww my poor feet. Aww my poor (chesty) lungs.

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