Sunday, July 27, 2008

And you think I was bad....

Sunday lunches with C is often enjoyable, we'd find ourselves at some nice, idyllic cafe eating what we like best and just chilling back. I would smile pleasantly at the service staff, pay them compliments for good service and act as if I'm the most pleasantly happy customer in the whole world - quite a departure from my usual very brusque, snappish and demanding self. Yes indeed, I can be an excellent customer if I want to, my very sweet voice in all ernestness and big big sparkly eyes just making them want to go the extra mile for me. (message to C - you think I can't do it? Of course I can. Oh yeah).

'K, 'nuff with the self compliments (myself, I'm choking on it). We've always liked Choupinette, but the female at the neighbouring table obviously has a bone to pick with the whole world. Imagine yourself being an unwilling audience to a loud (mostly one-sided) conversation whose owner's nearly screeching pitch of a voice was just going on and on like a high speed locomotive. If we were on a race track, she'll be one crazy driver in a ferrari, and C would have no qualms about running her over even in his volvo - 100 times. Just to be sure she's good and truly really dead with no chance of resurrection. Her guy companion (certified FRIEND at this point) is of course trying to keep up with her, he wants more than just friendship, no doubt, but hey dude, what looks like a strong independant, intelligent spirit now, is just going to be a real pain in the padded backside later. Take for example how she was describing an incident at a restaurant...blah blah blah..bad service..blah the end of which, she eyeballed the dude and asked him, "so, am I a bitch?".
HELL YEAH, I'm thinking. Poor dude could only stammer a, "well I think you should stand up for yourself". I roll my eyes. C, who typically has the patience of a saint, was so annoyed at the entire experience he actually had to go squat in the cafe toilet so he could read his magazine in peace.

On a positive note, C always thought I had a lot of 'bitch' in me. Think today, he's just met the #1 all time champion and uncontested winner of the Ms. Bitch is Me contest. Me, I'm only the squawking chihuahua in comparison.


Lysithea said...

When she asked that questions, you guys should just reply 'YES' loudly!

bitchie cows make sour milk said...

Wahhh that girl was honestly bad bad bad!!The toilet was actually a welcome respite... hey date was whipped (he had a bar code on his neck).. i mean what kinda guy does that??!!... i swear my coffee became sooo bitter with her bitchin that we both absently put 5 sugers in it!! teeth have since fallen off... the worst part??!! i ate 2 lunch sets, had a jolly 20mins to fin my newspaper in the toilet, desert, paid, and left...SHE STILL WAS AT IT!!! last words heard were yappy yip yap yap... am i a bitch????!!! TOTALLY!!!!