Saturday, August 02, 2008

Quiver on O' Jelly

There's no doubt in my mind that not having practised yoga in 4 weeks my muscle tone and stamina would have seriously deteriorated, but its amazing when reality hits - my fingers were trembling (and not even from exertion) just by stretching my arms overhead, and the hammies feel so tightly knotted as if I've been wearing 4 inch high heels for weeks, and (heaven forbid) the quivering of jello thighs as work on the squats. Muscles tremble when we are starting to get exhausted holding a position we are unaccustomed to holding, yes its normal, but when the jello thighs start trembling as soon as squats begin, now that's a serious sign of Hello, Get your arse back into the motion of regular exercise. No excuses, cough and cold is over, MBA is over. My physical self (and appetite) is back with a vengeance. Have begun to hallucinate about loads of pasta, and even crave sugar rather intensely. I'm going to bring my yoga practice back to where it should be.

on a more sober note, I'm really lucky. All these are just superficial stuff, not a big disaster to lament over. Had chanced upon a blog about another girl called Wennie - whose last name is also nearly same as mine (!), and yes, I'm the luckier of the two of us. I wish her the best.

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crappy cow said...

You should tell the TRUTH!!! it was the NINTENDO Wii that turned you into a quivering lump!!!...Can't believe you could actually e so anal to do 1.5hrs of Wii just to unlock everything!!!er.. while i nap! hee hee!!

Ohh Whats wrong with Wennie 2?.. she says she donno whats wrong but she sick.. she looks pretty and sweet!!.. unlike kick ass wennie W... hope she gets better too!! she looks like a nice person (and yes, you CAN judge a book by its cover)!!!But you donno if its full of crap till you read it!!...